Rebel Wilson Faces Backlash For Hosting Dog Grooming Show: 'Shameful'

Rebel Wilson is one of the most non-controversial celebrities of all time. She is literally just human sunshine and rainbows and works really hard to make her fans laugh and feel motivated and inspired!

So when I saw the 40-year-old actress was facing backlash for hosting a dog grooming show, I had to take a deep dive and see WHAT WAS GOING ON!

Rebel Wilson is truly the only person that had a good 2020.

The Australian actress embarked on a "Year of Health" journey that resulted in a major transformation! These days Rebel is looking great and feeling even better!

In addition to changing her lifestyle, Rebel also changed up her career path and took on a hosting gig for a new series, *Pooch Perfect.*

The show, hosted by Rebel, follows 10 teams of groomers who are pitted against each other to create over-the-top looks on their dogs for a $100,000 cash prize.

Lots of Rebel's fans were excited about the new show.

Rebel is hilarious and everyone loves dogs, so in theory this should have gone over well, right?


Many viewers took to social media to express their concerns about the animal's well-being while competing on the show.

In fact, the actress, and the show's network (ABC) are facing immense backlash online for allowing a show like this to be produced.

'There is literally not one thing fun about this for the dog," wrote one Twitter user.

"Yes they love praise and attention but that's not what is happening. Let's be honest, this is not FOR the pups in any way. This is about human's obsession with bigger, blingier, prettier, faster," they concluded.

"This about the vanity of the owners, not what’s best for the dog," echoed another.

"Putting them through the grooming and the dyeing is not a 'fun' time for these poor dogs. I’m sad that Rebel, whom I really like, was associated with this. How about the rescue transformation of animals instead?"

PETA also released a statement condemning the show.

As per the New York Times the animal organization wrote: "Dogs trust us to keep them safe, but shows like Pooch Perfect can encourage people to treat them as if they were things to decorate, like a ceramic pot, giving them dangerous at-home dye jobs, which not only carry the risk of an allergic reaction or fatal toxic poisoning but also stress them out."

The statement continued:

"The dogs used on this show aren’t things but beings, and they deserve to curl up at home with a loving guardian — instead of having to put up with being leashed to a countertop and painted and prodded by strangers for hours on end."

Some fans, however, tried to defend the show and Rebel's decision to host it.

User @ScoutyAZ made it clear the groomers are using vegetable dye, which is not harmful to pets.

"Looks good," they tweeted.

"Y’all stop being ridiculous! This is in no way animal abuse," tweeted one user.

"Dogs don’t have a fashion sense. They love the praise and attention and from the dog’s perspective, it’s not much different than regular grooming. They love the positive attention it’s fun for them."

Rebel has yet to reply to the show's backlash.

The actress recently announced she would be taking a social media break while preparing for an upcoming role that needs her full attention.

What do you make of the show? Let us know in the comments below!