Mother-In-Law Says Outshining Brides On Their Wedding Day Is Her 'Thing'

Many people dream of making a big statement on their wedding day. Whether it's with the perfect dress or the best buffet spread they've ever seen, people hope to leave a lasting impression on their guests.

However, sometimes it's not just the soon-to-be married couple that wants to flaunt their wedding. Other people can be majorly invested in making themselves the starring attraction of the entire wedding.

Even if it has nothing to do with them at all.

Many people believe that weddings are fantastic excuses to get extra dolled up.

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During that celebration for the newly married couple, some guests like to strut their best stuff.

A wedding can be a great opportunity for people to buy that lavish dress they've been eyeing or even splurge on some expensive dress shoes for the occasion.

It's also not unusual for the couple's family members to want to make a good impression.

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When bringing two different households together, there can be some hesitation, and some may even the need to prove something. It can be all about impressing the other family to reassure the married couple that they have both family's mutual support.

While many of us pick our spouse, unfortunately, we don't get to pick their parents. There are times when loving someone means bearing with their...let's say, difficult parents. No matter how infuriating they can be.

One woman's future mother-in-law has a very peculiar thing she likes to do for weddings. nic l Unsplash

And that "thing" is going to great lengths to try and outshine a bride on her big day. The woman explained this situation on Reddit's popular r/weddingshaming page:

"I'm the one with a mother-in-law who has a compulsion to wear inappropriate things to other people’s weddings for attention."

Apparently this has happened at every wedding.

This mother-in-law (MIL) has to be the center of attention at every wedding she attends. Her goal? To get as many looks as possible.

"She took everyone’s looks to be jealousy if it came from a woman, and lust if it came from a man," the woman explained. "She made a point to ‘joke’ that if all eyes weren’t on her at someone else’s wedding, she 'failed.'"

This bizarre information was revealed the very first time her future daughter-in-law met her.

As the woman wrote,

"She asked me if I wanted to see photos of the wedding. She pulls out this large homemade photo album and there she was on the album cover, wearing a white dress/borderline gown with her son, instead of a photo of the groom with the bride."

This MIL is determined to do this for everyone single wedding she attends, including her own daughter's.

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Apparently she's dressed inappropriately for her sister's wedding, her brother-in-law's wedding and many others, but her daughter begged her mother not to do it at her wedding. Sadly, her mother didn't listen.

"Day of wedding, while SIL is getting ready, in walks MIL in basically a wedding gown. It was a white full length dress with a small train. SIL has meltdown,"

Things got even more uncomfortable.

Not to be outdone by the real star of the show, this mother decided she wasn't going to wait to make her grand entrance at the ceremony.

"MIL walked into the chapel right before the bride and her father (and right after the bridesmaids) as if it was her wedding.," the woman wrote of her poor sister-in-law's wedding day. "She then took her seat in the front row."

Even when she isn't directly related to the people getting married, this MIL tries to get as much attention as possible.

At another wedding she was likely regretfully invited to, she showed up wearing a bedazzled blue gown, one which her daughter-in-law said " looked appropriate for a performer on the Vegas strip, not for a Sunday afternoon wedding."

But hey, at least it wasn't white?

Fortunately this future daughter-in-law and her husband had a plan for their wedding.

Knowing her MIL would be determined to outshine her on her own special day, she and her husband eloped. His parents, especially his mother, were not pleased.

"My husband and I eloped, and we never heard the end of it how we 'cheated' MIL out of her chance to do her 'thing,'" she explained.

After she shared her story, the people of Reddit couldn't believe what they had just read.

Many people expressed disbelief at this MIL not only purposefully trying to "outshine" brides on their wedding day, but also bragging about it like it's something to be proud of.

"Imagine being that proud of being a s*** person," one person wrote.

Another agreed and added, "Right? 'I deliberately ruin people's special days because I can't accept that I'm not the center of attention for even one hour. Isn't that so cute and quirky?'"

But other users suggested it's about time this woman get a taste of her own medicine.

"Convince her to have a vow renewal ceremony and then upstage her," one person wrote.

Someone else said, "I would have every guest wear the most gaudy, eye-catching, scene stealing dress they own."

Let us know what you think of this messy situation in the comments and if you can in any way relate.

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