15+ People Who Tried To Fix Their Mistakes

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try and cover up a mistake, it is still blatantly obvious that you have cocked up.

So, from people who tried to make impromptu shoes out of the strangest things to individuals who came up with overly ridiculous excuses as to why they had missed work, here are 15+ people who tried to fix their mistake!

"Left side mirror broken off? No problem!"

I mean, I hope that there is a mirror on the other side of this hairbrush otherwise this is really stupid!

Mowing The Hedges!

So, did they just happen to have a crane lying around for this or did they have to hire one specially?

"One RCA Barrel Short..."

Lego can be used for more things than just leaving traps for people walking around your house barefoot!

"My razor broke about 5 days ago. Still too lazy to go get a new one."

If I was this lazy then I think I would just stop shaving altogether! When the head of the razor is dead are they just going to start plying the hairs out of their face one by one?

"Get out of tickets easily, don't ask me how I know..."

That sounds like someone speaking from experience. I bet victory didn't taste so sweet this day.

"I guess that is one way to fix a bike."

This is perfect for if you've always wanted to add a little bit of the Harry Potter broomstick experience to your daily ride!

"How to do laundry while living in a vehicle. Available programs: off-road, highway, and city."

I wonder how they dry their wet clothes as quickly as possible? I imagine it's a similar technique except the clothes are strapped to the roof.

"That's one way to fix a dent."

Something tells me that 1960s batman was responsible for this. Keep an eye out for Adam West and Burt Ward scarpering off.

"DIY level: 9000."

Isn't this how Mr Bean locks his car? I vaguely remember him having a similar setup on his old mini in one of the episodes .

Good God...

Just because you have tried to make it mildly amusing doesn't distract from the fact that this is a truly hideous car at its core! I'm not fooled!

"Someone needs a friend."

I don't think that making jokes that are this bad is going to help your chances of making new friends! Trust me...

"Can't afford a baby but want to be annoying? Simple!"

Similarly, I have a recording of someone talking loudly about how drunk they got last night to play out loud on my phone whenever I take public transport.

"This guy just printed out a headlight."

In a world where 3D printing seems to be taking over, it is good to see someone sticking with good old fashioned 2D printing!

"Broke my shoelaces at work and had to improvise."

I can just imagine how long it would take a bomb technician to get these shoes off, just constantly fretting about whether to cut the red or black wire.

"On today's episode of 'I need context':"

Well, whatever happened to this person, it was clearly bad if it warranted them getting a t-shirt printed!

"My cousin's boyfriend's car. Everything's drilled, glued, and painted with NORMAL ROOM PAINT."

This strikes me as the sort of thing that happened as this guy kept thinking that he could salvage it with just "one last thing."

"I didn't have black shoes, and I needed black shoes..."

What a fool, clearly the better thing to do would be to color in the shoes with a black Sharpie!

"What has he seen?!"

The little yellow bowtie and suspenders that this kid is wearing really make me think that he is up to no good!

"That's one way to fix your headlight..."

Okay, it might not be the smoothest fix of all time, but it's better than a printout of a headlight!

"My boss got this ridiculous excuse the other week and decided it needed to be hung up."

Something that is this downright ridiculous surely has to be grounded in truth? Why make up something this elaborate otherwise?!