TikTok User Turns Plain Cake Into An Edible Koi Pond

Baking is an art, at least in my opinion. One I haven't been able to perfect, that's for sure. However, there are people out there who can turn ordinary cakes into extraordinary masterpieces.

That's exactly the case with this one talented TikToker who recently shared a video of her incredible cake-making skills. What she did to this regular cake is nothing short of amazing.

TikToker @lovesicksami is clearly a baker.

Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

She racked up millions of views on a video showing how she turned a regular cake into an edible koi pond. Who knew that was even possible, huh? Ha, ha. I definitely wouldn't have tried my hand at this.

So how did she do it?

Well, she started by baking a regular cake. Then, she cut a big piece out of it to make space for the koi pond. After that, she covered the whole cake in green icing.

The next step of this process was to cover the cake in a wrap to keep everything tight.

This TikTok user needed to do this so she could create the pond using a substance called agar-agar powder. It's a plant-based form of gelatin.

But before I move on to that step, let me show you how she made the cutest koi fish out of fondant.

Oh my goodness, isn't this adorable or what? Awe, she really does have some creative skills, huh? I love it.

Once she made all the fish, she placed them at the bottom of the pond.

Then she poured in the liquefied agar-agar powder. She layered the fish in between pouring of the substance. What a cool process. It's so fun to see this come alive.

After the substance hardened, it pretty much became gelatin.

Now all this lady had to do was to put some final touches on the cake. She added some grass-like texture of the outside and the top of the cake. I think it added some extra depth.

Check out the final product here.

Isn't this cake simply beautiful? It's definitely too pretty to eat, ha, ha! Don't you think so? So much work went into making such a masterpiece. I wish she could just display it in some sort of freezer.

When folks on TikTok saw this video, they literally freaked out over it.

I'm not surprised. It's definitely not something you see every day, huh? This lady is so talented, and everybody thinks so, too. They've been oooing and awwing all along.

Are you as impressed by this gorgeous and edible koi pond cake?

I think this lady has a bright future in the cake-making business. I hope this is something she is pursuing because her skills are something else. Do you agree with me?