15+ Everyday Things That Turned Out Bigger Than We Expected

Looks can be deceiving, very deceiving, especially when it comes to size. Be it tricky perspectives or simply never having been near something, it can be hard to judge the true size.

This article is here to clear the air a little and show off some real sizable items with everyday things that turned out bigger than we expected.

"An alligator snapping turtle hibernating under a sheet of ice."

Many of us are taught the dangers of snapping turtles at one point or another, and while I've always believed them, now I super believe them.

"This Alcatraz key my dad gave me."

I've never seen a key this thick. Does more width = higher security?

"Kid wearing the wrong mask in the wrong place at the wrong time."

First off, no he's not, this is great. Second, you never realize how big those things are on your face until you're on the outside, huh?

"My grandfather incorporated a silo into the house he built, Circa 1979."

I grew up in the city so I've never been even close to a silo before, so seeing that they tower over houses is frightening.

"Found a chip almost as big as my hand."

Putting dip on this bad boy would be like buttering a slice of bread.

"My extra large pill bottle I got from the pharmacy today. It's a 90 day supply and I take 2 a day, so that's 180 pills."

You could serve drinks in that thing when you're done with it. Not sure if you should, but you could.

"I have an official McDonalds sign."

Your lack of details makes me suspicious as to how you got this, but I'll let it slide because it's cool.

"A massive blueberry I discovered this morning [...]."

That thing would take actual bites to get through. All your daily vitamins and nutrients from one mutant blueberry.

"Found my old Jeans from the early 00’s..."

Do they seem bigger now or is it just the residual shame telling us they do?

"I came across a jelly fish washed up on the beach!"

That's a jellyfish? Not a congealed ball of pasta sauce? That's...troubling, but okay.

"Found a really big worm, used my sister for scale."

Unsurprisingly, this worm was found in Australia. Soon it'll be growing teeth and developing venom, just so it can be another beast that can kill you down under.

"Irish Wolfhound, 5’8” me for scale [...]."

I grew up with big dogs, but none quite this big. He seems like a great cuddler.

"A 6ft wide bald eagle nest [...] was added to Hueston Woods for photo op & to show actual size of their nest!"

Hosted outside the Cincinnati Museum Center is this little lodge, a terrifying look at just how big bald eagles can get. Or maybe they just like the extra room.

"Went out to throw the trash at night and forgot to close the [back door,] came back inside to see this 250 kg [...] big fella greet me..."

Is that a deer? I didn't even know they could get that big, let alone look that scary. Not so dainty anymore.

"Netflix Soundstage, me for scale."

It's hard to imagine not being able to make any sound you want in here. It probably comes out crystal clear!

"Fendt 1046 rear tire beside 5’10ish man."

Much like I've never been near a silo, I've never been near any sort of farm equipment so this is also a terrifying lesson for yours truly.

"Unintentionally left beets to over winter in the garden. Chicken for scale."

The chicken looks unimpressed. "Eh, I've seen bigger."

"Surprisingly voluminous trash cans in Amsterdam."

Is the only benefit here that they'll have to empty it less? It seems like a hassle, but if they say it's worth it...

"To maintain this light pole they lower the lights to the ground instead of climbing up."

Obviously, I never thought light poles were small, but something about this perspective makes it seem different. More perilous.

"[Some] fishy in a telephone booth."

With proper care and maintenance, a phone booth probably could be a good fish tank. This one looks well on its way!