15+ Things That Aren't Looking Quite Right

Sometimes, you see something and know that it just ain't right. It might be patently obvious why it isn't right, or it might be more of a deep-down gut feeling.

In any case, it's best to tread lightly and respect that chaos without getting sucked in.

Grill season.

Reddit | lost-in-drawers

I get it: it sucks to not have a balcony or backyard to do your grilling. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this solution isn't exactly safe.

Topsy turvy.

Reddit | goodcheapandfast

Rotate this pic 90° counterclockwise and you'll see the lobby of a futuristic hotel. But from this angle, everything is pretty much brain-breaking.

Haunted cafe.

Reddit | vadisus

I don't know how the shadows of people have managed to become etched on the walls of this coffeehouse. The only explanation? Ghosts, of course.


Reddit | kimbclark

Balloons are the kind of thing that just hang around until they're sad, deflated versions of their former selves. Either that or they turn into Mozart.

Let's roll.


This thrift store seems to be having an identity crisis, seeing as it clearly used to be a bowling alley.

Down to a nub.

Reddit | Ayuvelo

It's awesome that this wooden spoon has lasted for more than six decades. That said, it's not really a spoon anymore at this point.

The littlest spoiler.

Reddit | Fullscan19

From the very little I know about spoilers, I guess this tiny spoiler will help keep the car from lifting off the ground...just a tiny amount, though.

Mr. Null, your card is here.

Reddit | vibhoothiiaanand

This person doesn't have a last name, but the bank has decided to give them one. I would have picked something different.

Seems legit.

Reddit | BabyMama9000

This dollar bill looks less like a dollar bill and more like a clear counterfeit after going through a wash and dry cycle.

Also legit.

Here's a dollar bill that's totally legit. The only problem is that it's stained with dye from a bank robbery.

A whole new world.

Reddit | vgonz9

Looking at the varied mold on this cream cheese is interesting. It also makes me never want to eat cream cheese again.

Doritos 3D.

Reddit | weallalright

This is ostensibly a normal Dorito, found in a bag of normal Doritos, but something seems a little bit off.

They just gave up.

Reddit | LittleN645

These overripe bananas decided at some point to just give up on life and strip off their peels.

Book 'em.

Reddit | jedWanderMouse

This person has no fingerprints or toe prints. That means that if they ever commit a crime, it'll be easy to tell who they are: the only person with no prints.

Extra fun Funyun.

Reddit | dustinh03

I'm not a big Funyuns guy, but even I can tell that this Funyun is not like all the others.

Poorly rendered.

This peeler makes everything it peels look like a fuzzy, pixelated video game graphic from the Nintendo 64 era.

The gathering.

Reddit | EricDG

Hundreds of worms have come together to form this ominous shape. I don't know what's going on here and I don't want to know.

Looks incomplete.

Reddit | stormrider0

I guess if you take the golden arches off of a McDonald's sign, the sign takes on the appearance of a medieval castle rampart.

Looking sus.

Reddit | Cr0fter

Walking through this neighborhood, it would be really hard to shake the feeling that this tree is watching out in all directions.


I'd love to see video of these weird soda can explosions that happen in the freezer. Like, did the can give way at the same point the water froze?