15+ Weird Pics Where An Explanation Would Go A Long Way

We shouldn't be expected to have all the answers. It's a lofty goal we sometimes set for ourselves, even unknowingly, but there's nothing wrong with asking people for help or even never finding an answer.

Like with the weird pics in this list. An explanation would go a long way, but there's no guarantee we'll be getting one.

'Found this vintage Campbells Soup lighter while cleaning out a basement."

Be it an advertising campaign with a weird angle or a poorly shaped lighter, every explanation for this seems lacking.

"I Welded Faux Machine Guns Onto The Roof Of My Car."

Uhh, okay. Really curious as to why and what your current relationship with local law enforcement is, because you're about to be a lot closer.

"I have an official McDonalds sign."

Wait, hold on a second. Are you the reason the McDonald's from the last pic doesn't have its arches?

"Wooden Bricks in a horse stall."

I was going to ask if planks just weren't good enough, but there actually is an explanation for this given by a commenter:

"I worked in a machine shop [...] The floor was just like this. You didn't have to worry about damaging a part if you dropped it. The soft wood would just absorb it. If a big part fell and damaged the floor, it was super easy to replace a few blocks."

"These two trucks are attached so it looks like they're mating."

They are, and that is funny, but is anyone else wondering why a truck is towing an exact copy of itself? What happened here?

"The walls in this old coffeehouse have shadows where people used to sit."

Can this really be caused by sun damage? Or did this cafe actually create ghosts?

"An old car wreck in the woods, Box Canyon near Mt. Shasta."

The fact that you were able to identify that at all is impressive. It really does just look like a random hunk of metal.

"15 chicken nuggets can fit into a large coffee mug."

This is the type of information that seems innocuous now, but will probably come in handy at some point later on. Thanks in advance for that.

"What seems to be a bullet hole in my bathroom."

Your uncertainty is worrisome, probably more for you than for me. Hopefully, there's someone you can ask lest this remain a mystery forever.

"This thrift store is an old bowling alley."

A thrifted thrift store is pretty amazing. Everything is secondhand, and they mean everything.

"This BBQ setup my neighbour has that is hanging out of his living room window."

Never before have I see someone with such a dedication to grilling. I commend thee for your engineering skills and desire to follow your passions.

"My friends bedroom lamp looks like it belongs... outside."


Did you ask your friend where they got it? Did they perhaps take it from... outside?

"My neighbours 'balcony' in Berlin."

A great way to get some fresh air as long as you're willing to carry a chair out and hop a fence to get to it. At that point, you might as well just go for a walk.

"Really big birdhouse."

I spent so long staring at this before I saw why they called it a birdhouse and not just a shed. I get it now.

"I collect Alphie Robots."

There really is a market for everything, including somewhat obscure robot learning toys from the '80s onward.

"An entire shelf devoted to Rush Hour 2 VHS tapes at a thrift store."

Forget why they have this, why is it organized like that? Full top, third, and fourth shelf, empty second shelf, and two half rows at the bottom. Who did this?

"My peeler gives pixelated looking peels."

The way this makes my eyes hurt is both confusing and concerning. Are these potato peels actually assimilating into the digital realm?

"McDonald’s sign without the golden arches."

There's something both unsettling and refreshing about this. It's a change, but an uncanny one.

"Someone put a paper dollar in this wishing well."

They really wanted that wish but had no coins, so they did what they had to do.

"[Spilled] purple grape soda but it came up green on the towel used to clean up."

I have no clue what on Earth could cause that to happen, but it can't be healthy.