Quotes For People Who Only Eat Lettuce If It's In Tacos

Sometimes lettuce and other veggies look so good. Well, only if they're being added to our favorite taco recipe.

We've compiled some quotes that embody the dread that people experience when they think of eating literally any green that's not used for something like a taco. Because words simply cannot even begin to describe how much we love tacos.

If you feel the same way, we think you're really going to enjoy these quotes!

This is for those of us who know what we're all about.

And what we're about is tacos. Lots and lots of delicious tacos. We may shy away from conversations and confrontations but the second we see a taco truck, we are ready to strut our stuff...all the way over there to place our order.

We all love a good workout, right?

Oh, you meant actually doing exercise? No thank you. I much prefer flexing my muscles while lifting a sufficiently-stuffed taco to my mouth.

That's the only workout I'm interested in.

For those who have no interest in anything that isn't a taco.

Whether it be a vegetable or just people in general, we can't say we really want to waste precious time and energy on such useless things.

Now, put a taco in front of us and that's a whole different story.

Finally, here's one for those of us who try our best to eat healthy...*sometimes*.

Sure, we may not exactly be the picture of perfect health, and sure, we have a bad habit of choosing tacos over salad...but at least there was some sort of an attempt, right?

Let us know if any or all of these quotes resonate with you in the comments.