16+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘At Least They Tried’

This world is full of people who try their darnedest at whatever they put their mind to. However, trying doesn't always equate to results!

So, from people who inadvertently made the most toxic smoothies on Earth under their sink to individuals who accidentally murdered the memory of Spongebob, here are 16+ moments that made us go, "At least they tried!"

Well, He's Not Wrong!

You think this is bad? You should meet their Jack Russell called "Dog" and their tabby called "Cat."

"When the chef is uninspired."

The random scattering of broccoli on top is perfect. This whole tray just screams, "Chuck it in, I couldn't give a toss!"

"The garbage disposal is installed!"

If I have ever seen a forbidden smoothie then it is whatever you would pour out of this blender!

"All the pickles!"

Hmmm, I think that they could have squeezed a few extra pickles onto this monstrosity if I'm honest, it's looking a bit light on pickles.

"My friend spotted this at a shop in San Francisco."

I like how they're not beating around the bush with this tactic, they're just beating people up.

"But how?"

This reminds me of that episode of Father Ted where he is trying to hammer out the tiny dent in his car. Is this still a reference that people get or am I old now?


No mater how many times you try and stop people from posting Bills, they will never stop doing it. I can't believe that they missed Bill Murray though, I mean, come on!

"Installed the gate to keep the kids safe in the park, boss!"

The only people who will make sure that they go through that gate are people who played too many old-school Pokemon games.

"Pins through condoms..."

"Hmmm, it seems that our safe sex initiative has actually lead to a rise in pregnancies?"

"No idea how that could have happened."

"I baked and decorated a cake for my birthday. I tried to make balloons and ended up with swimming semen on my cake."

"Oh, so it's a boy! I didn't even know that you were pregnant?!"

"I...I'm not?"

"Salt and pepper packets just stuffed into the shakers at a hotel room. WHY?"

"Dave, you know that this isn't what I asked you to do."

"Is there salt and pepper in the shakers?"

"Well, technically yes..."

"That's good enough for me!"

"Ah yes, the 'Twenty threeth Floor.'"

This specific floor can be found in between the twenty-secith and the twenty-foured floors.

"UPS be like: Package is hidden under doormat."

I bet that the person who hid this entire gas grill under that tiny doormat was great at hide and seek as a kid.

"Reserved Parkyng..."

Y personally can't see anithyng wrong wyth thys!

"I ordered 'extra jalapeños on the side' for my banh mi..."

One person did actually go on to write, "So, growing up Vietnamese, in a Vietnamese neighborhood as a kid.... That's actually the way it used to be done."

"You had ONE job!"

That is one hell of a large looking shopping cart wheel, I dread to think how big the whole cart must be. A cart that size would only be needed for shopping in Costco.


Look how they massacred our boy! If they did this bad of a job with Spongebob I dread to think of what they did to Squidward.

"Labelled the antiques, boss."

At least they are honest about it! If anyone has any idea what this thing is then I'm sure they'd be very appreciative for the intel!

"Invisible Kitty."

"I am silent as the night, he will never know I am staring right at him!"

"I can see you, you know?"

"I am invisible..."

"Hmm yes, secure..."

Now, I'm not sure what the scooter market is like, but I think that some bike locks are probably more expensive than scooters so I'd be more worried about someone stealing my bike lock.