15+ Cool Ideas That Could Use A Boost

Every day, hundreds of people have great ideas that are lost to time. Some even manage to produce those ideas, but short of them being utterly revolutionary, many people go on not even knowing they exist.

This list is meant to prevent that from happening by highlighting some cool ideas that could use a boost.

"Amazon has reflective panels in the top of their lockers so you don't have to jump around like a maniac to make sure you got all your stuff."

As someone who lives in an apartment complex with a mailbox I have to stick my whole arm in to see if there's mail, I thank you.

"This bike rack that looks like a bike."

Not sure if the pictogram-esque guide was needed to tell us this was a bike rack, but it's cute regardless.

"I made a Serotonin Molecule Shelf."

Shelf takes a pretty liberal meaning here as you can't really set anything on it without it tipping over, but it's still super cool.

"The squeaker in my dogs toy has a note that tells you to throw it out once your dog finds it."

Yeah, the number of dogs who tore those things out just to swallow them later is probably extremely high.

"Porcelain cat on one house hunting a porcelain bird on the next."

Joint sculpture neighbors have a stronger bond and friendship than normal neighbors do. They're intrinsically connected.

"This building has a slide."

Someone mentioned this was probably an old fire escape, but I like to think it was just a fun way to make your exit.

"Koala cuddle guide in Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Australia."

Right now I'm not seeing any koala cuddle, but I sure wish I was. I keep this guide handy so I can identify any instances in the future.

"Local grocery store sells M&M's sorted by colour."

Finish off any room with a bowl of aesthetically matching m&m's, or invite a pop of color in with a bright mix!

"This metal 'Olive tree' gate."

Tacky? Yes. Over the top? Also yes. Reminiscent of some sort of fairy or witch cottage in which I wish to live out the rest of my days? Absolutely.

"Vintage shopping list."

As someone who needs giant, constant reminders of things or else I'll forget, this would be so helpful.

"This pen holder rotates to act as a world time zone map/clock. Made in the 60s."

A super fascinating piece, though its choices for Canadian cities are so strange. One abandoned town and another that has a population of about 500.

"Little wooden weapons I made 15 years ago out of leftover custom framing bits."

The perfect set to train your small pets with. No need for a guard dog when you have a ferret with a sword.

"My new shoes resist water, fatigue and satan."

Shocking how that isn't a priority for more shoes, amirite? Good branding for The Angelic Sole, though.

"Our buses say thank you, when you give them right of way."

That's very polite, but I'm wondering why one of the people on that add is a fox.

"My styrofoam peanuts are heart shaped and multicolored."

These look far too much like Lucky Charms for them to be safe. So cute, but so marshmallowy.

"My local bar has a dog menu."

A new standard for pubs, must be willing and able to serve my very good dog.

"House for sale explicitly states it’s not haunted."

They disclose when a house isn't haunted? Does that mean we should be wary of any house that doesn't have a 'not haunted' sign?

"Ultraviolet light, diffusively reflecting off a golf ball, glows pleasantly in my hand."

I grew up near a blacklight mini-golf course and let me tell you, it never stops being cool. And this one gives off quite the glow!

"Industrial sized bucket of Nutella."

Does anybody know where one could purchase this without owning a restaurant? Totally just asking for a friend here.

"This exercise ball has different workouts you can do using it."

No need to keep pulling out your phone to look at reference photos, thus extending your workout time. You've got it all right where you need it most.

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