Oh, Mister Sheffield! You Can Now Stream 'The Nanny' On HBO Max

There are few things I adore more in life than Fran Drescher, and that love affair started the second I saw an episode of The Nanny. As someone that loves bold fashion, and even bolder women, The Nanny was an instant love affair for myself, and for millions of fans around the world.

Every time I see an old show coming to a new streaming service, I roll my eyes because it's never THE NANNY... until now! It seems all my angry emails have worked!

Now, a whole new generation of fans are about to be welcomed into the Fran Family as *The Nanny* is coming to HBO Max starting April 1st, and no — this isn't an April Fool's joke!

Let me try to squeeze myself into a jean skirt and tease my hair and try to get back into the headspace of 1993.

Yep, the show first aired in 1993, and I remember it well. Of course, this makes me feel like I'm old enough to be put into a museum, but I digress.

*The Nanny* which aired for six season from 1993 to 1999 followed the daily lives of the wealthy Sheffield family with Fran Fine as their nanny.

Of course, Fran was so much more than just a nanny. She was a style icon and gave us all hair envy. Her loveable, charismatic personality carried the show to global domination.

Finally, over twenty years since the show ended, fans will be able to relive every glorious moment on HBO Max!

You know who else is so excited about this news? Fran Drescher herself!

Posting to a video to her Instagram, Fran said: "Guess what's coming to HBO Max on April 1?" It's The Nanny! OMG — finally The Nanny is streaming on a great streaming channel so make sure you mark your calendars because beginning April 1 you'll be able to see all your favorite episodes of The Nanny on HBO Max. Go, why don't you!"

I'm so happy to be living through the *Franissance.*

In addition to the exciting HBO Max news, it was confirmed last year that The Nanny would be transformed into a Broadway musical, spearheaded by Fran and her ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson.

Fans couldn't be more thrilled to finally be able to watch *The Nanny* whenever they want!

It's truly the little things in life these days, you guys. Are you so excited for The Nanny? Let us know in the comments below!

Now, I just have to figure out how to work HBO Max...