16+ Times People Should’ve Triple-Checked

It is always important to double check whatever it is you are doing — and sometimes it can't hurt to triple check!

However, the people on this list were not ones for checking over their work, which lead to some disastrously funny outcomes. So, please enjoy these 16+ times people should've triple-checked!

Well... That's Unfortunate!

"Hey, Jesus, what did you call me?!"

"Lol, I called you Butt Dust! What you gonna do about it, I'll just tell me dad you're lying!"

"Christ, Jesus, you're such a git."

"Beware don't take your kids here on Sundays."

"You know, I thought that the new offer would mean we would be swamped on Sundays, but I've never seen the place emptier."

"Guess there aren't many cannibals around."

"Yeah, Dave, I guess so... Wait, what?"

"Pins through condoms..."

Anyone who is stupid enough to take one of these really ought to be kept an eye on!

"Fine then. I'll only eat four people."

I always get full after four people anyway, you always want to leave room for a dessert as well.

"When spell check is extra important..."

"Sir, that is just hideous, please spit that roll out."

*Angry muffled noises...

"No, don't spit it in the bin, back in the basket, we're not wasting bread!"

"Found this note in my hotel bed last night...ugh."

I would be more concerned about how old this note is. This might not have been left by the last tenant but by a tenant from years ago.

"A professor at my university didn't check their sources for this public display."

The original latin names of drugs are always so interesting, aren't they? I don't know why they bother calling it "Viagra" when Mycoxafloppin is such a great name?

"When you buy the old neighborhood drug house."

This seems like just the sort of thing that "Adam" would put on his lawn to throw the police off!

"My sister got pissed off with her school, only to have her spelling corrected by my dad..."

They are also missing a hyphen in "money-hungry" by the looks of things, so maybe they do need to head back to school.

Technically The Truth...

One astute person pointed out, "Good thing she didn't ask you to name the kids." Although, I think having a load of kids all just called "Kid" could be quite interesting!

"One job Phil..."

"I mean, is it really that big of a problem?"

"Dave...she looks like a magician's assistant after a horrific accident!"

"People like magic."

"You're fired."

"More handiwork by my idiot brother-in-law..."

It looks like they have even inadvertently gagged the little face at the top to prevent it from telling people what has happened, tragic.

"Even cats are not exempt from temperature checks."

Sure, it may be adhering to getting its temperature taken, but it isn't standing on the appropriate spot! What a rebel.

"I Hate UPS Just A Little Bit More Every Day."

The only way to be sure of getting a package from UPS is to sit on your damn front step and take it out of their clutches yourself.

"Apparently, Wells Fargo doesn't bother to check your ID images for debit/credit cards."

Actually, this guy does kind of look a bit like his cat, so I can maybe see how they made this mistake?

"My neighbor is doing some laundry..."

I wonder what the sound quality will be like after this. It'll probably be alright so long as they just listen to the band Aqua...which would be sheer agony to say the least.

"After trying for 7 years, I finally placed in my age group coming in first! I asked a bystander to capture my triumph."

This is a really great achievement, and at least they now have this wonderfully anonymous photo to commemorate the achievement!

"Uhhh... You may wanna double check that."

"Dave, this isn't our dog, you'll have to go back tot he dog park immediately!"

"Are you sure, this one might be better?"

"No, tank you"

Looks like the baker really tanked it with this job. And yes, I just made that "joke," you're welcome.

"You had ONE job!"

Maybe they thought that the rope would be enough to stop the wheel if it started rolling?