14+ Pics That Have Us Mighty Concerned

The world can be a dangerous place, particularly if you ignore the warning signs. If you live a safe existence and spend your days behind a desk, these pics will probably make you feel pretty grateful.

I'm a bit worried.

Reddit | woolybooger11

These stairs look safe enough, but why all the warnings? What awaits the brave soul who ventures all the way down?

Doesn't look like Purell.

Reddit | belwarbiggulp

I have a question: if you burn your hand off completely with a torch, does that mean it's now properly sanitized?

Hold on.

Reddit | chylin73

This guy is standing on supports, and he's being held by an improvised harness system. Sounds safe enough, right?

They should just go wireless.

Reddit | KotAufmBrot

All of these wires seem like a serious tangling hazard. I'm also wondering how things get fixed when something inevitably goes wrong.

For those who live dangerously.

Reddit | dongbroker

I don't want to shame smokers here, but surely there's a better spot for a smoke break than right beside flammable materials.

Have faith.

Reddit | yurnotsoeviltwin

I guess that, short of removing the pews, this is the best way to set a ladder up here, but it sure looks risky.

What's the catch?

I've never worked at a place where you get time off just for putting your hand in a machine. What's the worst that could happen?

Ditch troll.

Reddit | vaayb

The bridge over this trench looks like it could give way at any moment, but I'm more concerned about the guy who's underneath it.

That'll hold.

Reddit | funkyish

This bunkbed is probably better clamped than unclamped, but I'd have major concerns — particularly if I was the person sleeping on the lower bunk.

Nice awning.

Reddit | SassyMolassy33

Not only is this makeshift awning unlikely to hold, it's also going to send heavy rocks cascading from the roof when it gives way.

A ladder's a ladder.

It would be nice if you could just buy a ladder and it would last forever, but that isn't the case.

Down the cliff.

Reddit | bruufd

This looks sturdy enough, I suppose. I'd still have to be promised a pretty hefty bonus to go on that platform, though.

On a steel horse he rides.

Reddit | stangame

I like how this is already an incredibly unsafe scene, without even taking into account the fact that the car is steering into oncoming traffic.

Go for a swing.

Reddit | infinitelolipop

I'm sure there's a good explanation for this pic of a tree-planting operation, but I can't possibly think of one.

Improvised welding mask.

Reddit | KotAufmBrot

This paper will protect his face from the welding torch assuming, y'know, that flammable paper doesn't catch fire from said welding torch.

Safety first.

Reddit | anymouse141

I don't know enough about electrical currents to tell you exactly why this is unsafe. But somehow, I know this is unsafe.

Tippy toes.

Reddit | user

If your ladder isn't quite high enough, I'd suggest borrowing a bigger ladder rather than trying this one out.

Well worn.

Reddit | titaniumLiver

If you've ever wondered what bald tires look like, feast your eyes on this travesty. I wonder when this tire might pop.

I have questions.

It's good that this restaurant has a fire alarm. I'm just not sure how, exactly, anyone will be able to pull it.

Kill them with fire.

Reddit | aloofwatermelon

Usually, I like spiders. But I formed that opinion before I saw this pic of a million billion scuttling spiders. Yeah, as the uploader informed us, "All the brown you can see is spiders."

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