Pregnant Moms Are Painting Easter Eggs On Their Baby Bumps

With Easter coming up, many people are looking for fun and cute ways to celebrate the Spring holiday, despite being stuck home due to Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines.

Ladies who are expecting have found a sweet way to celebrate.

Women who are currently pregnant and expecting have found a fun and adorable way to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

Moms are now turning their bellies into Easter eggs.

Many moms are using their bare bellies as a canvas to paint bright, fun, cute paintings for the Easter season.

Many are posing for cute pictures, too!

This mom had her little one pose with her and her belly — matching with her Easter bump.

And, coming up with adorable captions, too.

These two are, "Waiting for their chick to hatch," truly, such an adorable concept.

If you're currently expecting, do you think you'll be painting an Easter egg on your bump?

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