15+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Is That Allowed?’

This world can be full of people who like to bend laws and push societal rules to weird breaking points.

So, from people carrying cars around in the most bafflingly dangerous way possible to individuals who committed heinous crimes against steak, here are 15+ moments that made us go, "Is that allowed?"

"When tow trucks are too expensive and a new paint and other minor repairs aren't."

I am actually more impressed and confused by how they managed to get the car in like this in the first place!

"Woodstock 1969 sound crew members being craned up to their stations."

Ah, the good old days, when people could do freakishly dangerous things on a daily basis and injure themselves without cause for concern. Better days...sort of.

"Alright, who put Braille over there?"

"We've got the warning up that you asked for!"

"Okay, Dave, but what happens if someone who is blind touches this?"

"It's braille, so they'll know not to touch it!"

"Dave, seriously?"

"The fire exit on this college building."

Just imagining having to climb down this abomination is making the lower half of my body go weak.

"Hurry Cutter!"

Licensing issues aside, the one thing that I do not want my barber to be doing when they are cutting my hair is "hurry"!

"Found this while I was working, it's a little unsettling."

Giving dogs dentures is just downright cruel! I think that I will be seeing this grinning dog in my nightmare now.

"Condom Corsage."

No other corsage can also be used for... Well, you don't need me to elaborate, use your imagination.

Skin Dogs?

I think that people should be able to call other people's kids skin dog if they wish. Although, those people should probably be watched closely as well.

"Who lives in a pineapple and invades all your dreams?!"

That's right, it's Spongebob Third-Degree-Burnpants! The best way to scar the kids for life!

"A yummy tick cake."

Nope, whoever made this should burn it and never recreate it ever again. No one wants to eat this.

"Thanks, I Hate The Magic Stool Bus..."

Come on now, they didn't have to go and ruin the magic school bus like that! I'll never think about it the same way again!

"Heater at my job site."

The person who posted this also went on to add that, "I told him (an insulator) he could borrow a [bungie to attach the thing to the ladder] but [he] said it has never fallen off before..."

"Welcome time traveler, thank you for sharing your futuristic technology with us."

I love how he is just looking innocently into the camera as though he is saying, "Can I help you?"


Newtella is also made with "Extranuts"! Although, I think I'll stick to Oldtella upon reflection.

"Stay out of the water or you'll get burned."

You would have thought that they might have put a slightly larger warning on this fountain that randomly burst into flames!

"Found at a local thrift store."

What a great testament to this mouse's life this is, charging nearly $200 for its body to always be BBQing on your mantlepiece. Because everyone knows how much mice love BBQs.

"Dead end sign at end of path."

"What do you think that sign says at the end of the path?"

"Not sure, better head down and have a look!"

"I'll do my best!"

"I need to make a phone call, it's an emergency!"

" really should have read the sign."

"Can I borrow your phone then at least?!"

"! You're still technically in the 'location' where you were told to not have your initial emergency."

"Emergency 'exit' in a friend's office building. First time they opened it was DURING A FIRE ALARM."

Opening an emergency exit only to be greeted by a brick wall is something straight out of a nightmare.

"My coworker eating his steak like a hot pocket..."

I am fairly certain that it is actually illegal to eat steak like this. And, if it isn't, then it should be.