14+ People Who Found Ways To Make A Bad Day Worse

Sometimes you can find yourself having a bad day, only for it to get somehow worse when you didn't think such a thing was possible.

Well, from cats who don't respect your personal space after an operation to individuals who lost fights with printers, here are 14+ people who found ways to make a bad day worse!

"Pac Man is in a bad place these days."

As if spending your life being chased around unending mazes by ghosts wasn't bad enough, retirement is just further punishment for Pac Man.

"Finding cinnamon sugar shrimp tails in your cinnamon toast crunch."

This is a far cry from the days when you used to be able to get toys in packet of cereal!

"Existentialist bumper sticker..."

In fairness, the question, "How can a loving God cause such agony" is a question that I find myself asking myself a lot whenever I am stuck in traffic.

Bad Hair Day!

The person who posted this explained, "So my dad calls me the other day, says he got in trouble at the barn for cutting a horses hair and everyone's pissed off. I felt bad for him until I got this picture from my mother."

"Been waiting 2 months for my gas range to be shipped from Italy only to have them drop and smash it 20ft from my house."

The fact that this person could actually see them break it is unbelievably unlucky. Well, better pack it back up and ship it right back the way it came.

"Man got stuck on his balcony in shorts and a t-shirt during a blizzard."

He was eventually let back into his flat by the fire department, but I bet it was a very long and cold wait!

"Slip given out at one of my local bars if security kicks someone out."

Nothing would make waking up with a hangover worse quite like finding one of these notes in your pocket with the bottom box ticked.

"That time I modelled for a clip art company at 16 and ended up on dildo batteries."

Now that is unlucky. It looks like this poor person will never be able to escape these images as someone else also added in the comments, "I'm 90% sure we [also] used your picture in my editing class! So it's not JUST dildo batteries!"

"Well, someone is going to have a bad day."

"Dave I really don't know why you can't just come out of the ocean and tell me what you have to say instead of trying to shout it?!"

"This is a very private emergency damn it!"

"You thought the Prius couldn't get any worse..."

I actually don't think that the Prius is a particularly ugly car. I mean, this one is, but that's due to the owner's very personal choices!

"Because sharing sucks..."

Imagine waking up and finding your partner silently eating pizza without you, that is really going to instil some trust issues into a relationship!

"No matter how bad your day was I can assure you that Peanut's was worse."

I think the problem here is that Peanut's owners need to stop letting him do all of the drugs on the planet every single night.

"A truck carrying a tank of white paint dropped it on the road."

As if it wasn't bad enough spilling paint, spilling a vat of paint across someone's Jeep is something else.

"This 'motivational' quote app which doesn't quite fit all the text on the screen..."

"You heard me, regret loving yourself! Also, the time is currently eight thirty-four."

"Yeah...thanks Siri."

"He just wanted to make a copy."

Printers truly are the bane of human existence. We have created our own natural predator.

"Having a cone collar fitted at the vet was bad enough, then my dog had to come home to the cat."

It is so sad that the dog isn't even bothering to try and kick the cat off, it's just resigned to its misery.

"As if this year couldn't get any worse — they are now selling Pringles in packets."

This is just not natural! I also don't think that Pringles are structurally sound enough to survive life in a packet.

"My neighbor is doing some laundry..."

I can see how they may have gotten confused, you're supposed to put Tide Pods in with your washing not Air Pods!