16 Fascinating Discoveries That Stayed Hidden For So Long

Our world is full of stuff: manmade stuff, inanimate stuff, living stuff, dead stuff. It makes sense that some of it's going to escape our notice.

But when it's finally found, it has a way of opening our eyes in ways we never expected.

Final rest.

Wikimedia Commons | Fred Martin Kaaby

This grave was found in Patras, Greece and dates back more than two thousand years. Incredibly, the ceramic crown of flowers still has color.

65 million years ago...

Reddit | Justme222222

We're used to seeing fossils of dinosaur bones, but this — fossilized dinosaur skin — is a much rarer find indeed.

Hidden away.

Reddit | eskylabs

Beneath the tranquil waters of this river in Palau, a Japanese fighter plane from World War II can be seen just below the surface.

Great find.

I've never personally found an arrowhead, but I've seen arrowheads that others have found. I think this is the most intact one I've ever seen.

How'd that get there?

Reddit | folly136

Someone was going for a drive through the woods when they spotted this. I have so many questions and I don't think they'll ever be answered.

Mine find.

Reddit | TheBumpinSexies

A hiker stumbled across this weird wooden structure in a cave. Turns out it was a pipeline, used for getting the water out of an old mine.

What does it all mean?

Reddit | splinterpus

This looks like an ancient artifact with a long-dead language on it, but it isn't that old. It's just an old cattle brand.

The Air Force is everywhere.

Reddit | coolmanjack

Imagine going for a stroll on the beach and finding this: a target drone from the United States Air Force.

Secret room.

Reddit | Ron_Qwanson

Finding a secret room is kind of a fantasy, and this secret room — which includes a hot tub and steam room — seems like the ultimate find.

From another world.

Reddit | TheEternels

This is the Fukang Meteorite, one of the most remarkable meteorites ever to crash to Earth's surface. It definitely looks alien.

How it's made.

Reddit | TheEternels

Someone bought a disposable camera and found that it had been used once — capturing an accidental shot of the assembly line where it was manufactured.

Old school.

Reddit | furryfrog02

These pennies all came in the same roll. They're all pennies, they're all the same size, but one of them is more than a century older than the rest.

Winter slumber.

Reddit | Boeruhhh

This guy found something cool in the swamp: an alligator snapping turtle hibernating just underneath the sheet of ice.

Olympic relic.

Reddit | branden-branden

This jacket, found at a thrift store, was clearly for someone who worked at the 1988 Olympics. It still had their ID badge, along with original plane tickets.

No need for that door.

Reddit | Mercarcher

A homeowner was doing some renovations when they found a door to the outside they weren't aware of. It had been boarded up years before.

Batman's day off.

Lots of Batman fans have turned their cars into the Batmobile, but usually it's a more modern version. This person rocks the old-school Batmobile, and I'm totally here for it.

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