17+ Things That Would Drive Any Person Nuts

We all have things in our life that we cannot help but be incensed by, whether it be a belligerent relative, a colleague stealing your food, or whatever!

And, with these ideas in mind — but erring on the weirder side of people's annoyances — here are 15+ things that would drive any person nuts.

"Instead of giving my friend £10 for his birthday I gave him 1000 pennies taped into a ball instead."

The dangerous thing about giving someone an incredibly annoying gift like this is that you are also arming them at the same time.

"Blueberry jam sandwich from a convenience store."

Who really wants blueberry jam on a blueberry jam sandwich anyway? Kids these days think the world owes them everything!

"I can only dream of being such a perfect combo of creative and petty."

I do not know how I have never thought of doing something like this, it is unfeasibly devious!

"After trying for 7 years, I finally placed in my age group coming in first! I asked a bystander to capture my triumph."

I would absolutely still get this framed in fairness, it makes for a good story while it's hanging on your wall at the very least!


"So, is it a yes? The anticipation is killing me!"

"Dave I'm sorry but I genuinely can't work out what it is you're asking me!"

"Origami kit where the paper has already been folded to fit in the box..."

This would be unbearably annoying. I am bad enough at origami as it is without the manufacturers having already "helped" like this!

"On google earth there is a split moment that shows the driver littering. Google tried to censor it but it just raised more attention."

Jesus, it's almost as though cars aren't already fitted with passenger seats to use as bins!?

"One of a seemingly endless series of unreasonable notes left by my boss. It's great here."

A pay deduction for charging your phone on their property seems not only a demonstration of massive asshatery but also wildly illegal.

"Wanted to buy a sandwich at this bakery. At first I thought they were sesame seeds. They're not."

That is just downright disgusting. I wonder if they ordered the one with extra flies or just the normal amount of flies? I hate it when there's only a regular amount of flies on my fly sandwich.

"This chandelier at a restaurant I ate at bothers me so much."

I am pretty sure that this is illegal, thanks to the Good Taste Act 1999 and the Don't Be A Donut Act of 2005.

"My kid's homework, arrange these words that are both nouns and verbs into one or the other with zero context."

"Mum, I'm confused."

"No you're not, your teacher is!"

"My girlfriend's complete inability to finish a drink."

This person went on to say that she claims that she is saving them for a "later" that never arrives. Classic.

"I pass this ever morning and it drives me crazy that the puzzle piece doesn't work."

Christ, that would be one hell of a weird-looking fella if you somehow managed to jam that piece into place! God help him!

"There's a theme here...does nobody know these stories?"

As annoying as this is, I love the idea of this driving fans of these franchises absolutely insane, especially the batman fans. Batman fans are notoriously very calm and collected individuals when it comes to the topic of Batman.

"I was a few minutes too late on top of the Eiffel tower."

I like to imagine that they had been waiting for years to get this photo and that this was taken on their last day in Paris so they couldn't even just wait until tomorrow...but that's because I'm a bit of a git.

"My grandparents' DVD player."

Well, that just hurts to look at. I feel like I can hear this DVD player crying out for me to put it out of its misery.

"Threw my swatter at a fly. Don't ask questions because I don't have answers."

Well, this is better than the fly catching the swatter and chasing you out of your house for you to never be able to return...not that this ever happened to me.

"There are holes in the bottom of this shoe the perfect size for some pebbles."

Ah yes, that classic sounds of stone scratching along pavement that everyone absolutely loves to hear constantly!

"This 'motivational' quote app which doesn't quite fit all the text on the screen..."

Now this is the kind of motivational quote that I can get on board with. I'm struggling to work out what the full quote was meant to be as well.

"Dead end sign at end of path."

This sign may as well say, "Yep, you guessed it genius... Time to turn around and head back."