15+ Things That Just Seemed To Work Out All On Their Own

Isn't it nice when things just, out? I know this is more the exception than the rule, but that doesn't mean it never happens.

If things aren't working out for you today, you need this list. It's a reminder that sometimes things do just work out.

Handy perch.

Reddit | acnh_nanaland

Sometimes you just want to open your car, but a little bird needs to use your keys first. I think that's okay.

Concentric breakage.

Reddit | Grundle__Puncher

I guess if things truly worked out, this planter wouldn't be broken in the first place. Still, this is one aesthetically pleasing break.

Hanging by a thread.

Reddit | ranman35

This isn't how safety chains are supposed to work, but in this case, they've saved this truck from plummeting into the abyss.


Reddit | wet_ball_D

Somehow, this yolk has freed itself from the egg around it and slid away, all without breaking itself in any way.

Another world.

Reddit | TheFakeSatoshi

There's something utterly hypnotic about unmixed paint. This can looks so much like a galaxy that it seems a shame to mix it up.


Reddit | helenepytra

This person's Reese's cup came off the wrapper cleanly. I've been eating Reese's for decades now and have never seen this once.

If I fits...

Reddit | Cheez-lt

This random wadded-up glove has been stashed in the, uh, cookie inventory for some reason. But somehow, it's come out looking eerily Sphynx-like.

The cake came out evil.

Reddit | putzecandlebek

I guess if you're the type who doesn't want an evil cake, this is no good. But if you can appreciate something sinister, this is a happy accident.

Paws on paws.

Reddit | af0929

All sorts of interesting patterns can be seen on a dog or cat's paw pads, but what's more appropriate than a paw print?

Little bird.

This is a bit of chipped paint exposing the rust underneath on the side of a hot water heater. But all I see is a cute little bird.

Dance like no one's watching.

Reddit | -ratmeat-

This random water spill looks not just like any dancing lady, but specifically an old-timey dancing lady — complete with loing dress and top hat.

Bruise art.

Reddit | achaete_scute

I'd never thought of doing this when I get a bruise, but now I want to try. It's like every bruise is hiding a cute cartoon character.


Is it just me, or do the shadows of these buildings look like they're supposed to zip up together?

Finding a way.

Reddit | rolo85

I can't explain the biology of a palm tree randomly growing in the side of an oak tree. All I know is that it's possible.

Big mouth.

Reddit | CraigMachine77

Someone saw this rock and had a vision they just had to complete with chalk art. I think it worked out perfectly.

Makes sense.

Reddit | ridethepickle

Sometimes, life is incredibly seredipitous. The people coming out of this Colorado dispensary found Girl Scouts selling cookies outside.

Looking up.

This potato chip looks like a perfectly-formed arrow. Or if you're a Redditor, it looks like a perfectly-formed upvote icon.

Subway squared.

Reddit | RobinReddBreast

At street level is a Subway sandwich shop. Directly underneath the Subway is a...subway. I guess it all makes sense.

Perfect harmony.

Reddit | TheQueenIsDown

After removing a pool, a patch of dead grass is to be expected. What isn't expected, though, is a yin-yang symbol.

Get that airflow.

Reddit | Tapdancing_Jesus

There's only one flower blooming here, and it's the one located directly under the dryer's air vent. There must be a correlation.

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