Quotes For Anyone Who Considers Themselves A Laziness Connoisseur

As a lover of language, I prefer to be specific with my word choices. Even though the definition of a synonym is that different words can have the same meaning, there are nuances to every word choice.

And that extends to describing my tendency towards laziness.

You see, I'm not "lazy."

In fact, people often marvel at how productive I seem to be at times.

It's all a front, I assure you. Through life hacks and other productivity habits, I've built my life in such a way that I can get things done quickly and easily.

All so that I can then spend hours binging Netflix and playing video games every weekend.

It's about balance.

I'm not "lazy," I'm "languid." I never "dally," but I most certainly "loaf."

I rarely procrastinate, but when I do, I *do it right.*

I'm not one of those people who will clean their whole house in order to avoid the thing that actually needs to get done.

No, if I don't want to do something, I don't do anything.

And I am proud of that kind of self-control, thankyouverymuch.