16+ People Who Went A Long Way For Nothing

Sometimes we can wait for something for ages only to be let down at the last possible moment. It is something that we have all experienced, and it never gets any easier.

So, from people who had their long-awaited haircut delayed by daredevil felines to people whose garden harvest left a little to be desired, here are 16+ people who went a long way for nothing.

"I waited for a beauty appointment for 3 months and this is where my juvi cat is as I leave the house."

The person who posted this did eventually go on to explain that, "He managed to find his way down to the shed roof and I got him from there but it took a lot of time to build his courage. I was ready to climb and get him."

"Waited 25 minutes for this Hot n Ready."

Where are all the people who say "But the crust is the best part!" in that annoying whinging voice now eh?

"My wife had the virus and I haven't so she makes me wait in the car when we get groceries. I made a sign."

And he was probably looking forward to being able to finally get some fresh air, but apparently he will have to wait a little longer for this.

"I've been waiting 9 months for a coworker to ride his Harley to work so I could do this."

So they waited all of this time to just make this the coolest motorbike on the planet? That was very nice of them.

"My best calligraphy up to now is misspelled."

I wonder if they realised after they had finished it or if they noticed when they were in the middle of the "S" but just kept going anyway?

"It's my neighbors first day of retirement. He set up a nerf gun turret in his garage waiting for neighbors to walk by. He looked so proud."

So he has been waiting all of this time for retirement just to do this? Actually, that's pretty incredible!

"Remember Plank from Ed,Edd n Eddy? This is him now. Feel old yet?"

He spent all of those years hanging out with Johnny on that hit TV show only to end up not being able to find acting work again. It's a tragedy.

"Couldn't find the kale at the grocery store. I asked an employee where I could find some and he said, 'right here,' and points to his name tag. He's been waiting his whole life for this!"

I didn't know that people were every actually looking for Kale in the supermarket, so I'm not surprised that he has been waiting for a long time for this to happen.

"Today I was extremely sad and I thought 'I can't wait to go home and see my cat, he will make me happy.' Ok well I found out he was more depressed than me."

This person did go on to clarify that there wasn't actually anything wrong with the cat, writing, "Sometimes he just sits like that for no reason. I bring him to the vet every month."

"Look at the bengal, wait!"

"And to think that we drove all the way to the Safari Park to only see a dog!"

"Dad, this is the Costco parking lot."

"Yeah, well..."

"I've been waiting 3 months for this."

Well I hope that they enjoyed every single fraction of the second that they got out of eating this jewel!

"Waited forever for the crowd to dissipate to take a picture, then this happened."

This guy knew exactly what he was doing. That pose is perfect, also is it just me or does he have a look of Bill Murray?

"Been saving for a 4K TV for months. Finally could afford one today. Turned it on..."

Sometimes the world just flips you a massive middle finger. This...this is one of those moments.

"Went bowling with my brother today and he asked for their biggest size. The counter guy's response was 'I knew this day would come, we've been waiting for you.'"

These must be the only shoes at this bowling alley that don't smell like death. Also, one other person added, "There is a pair of these at my work. They’re huge. I can fit my entire shoe in it."

"I finished your picture Mommy!"

Sure, it might not exactly be what she envisioned for the outcome of this project, but I think that this is much better!

"Waited in line for this rollercoaster for two hours, when I finally got to the front they said I was too tall."

And yet, this massive guy still managed to find a jumper that is clearly way too long for him, that's impressive!

"Been waiting 2 months for my gas range to be shipped from Italy only to have them drop and smash it 20ft from my house."

This one actually hurts to look at. They got so close and yet were so far from success. The fact that this person could see this moment is what makes it particularly tragic.

"Been here for 6 hours now waiting for someone else to take over."

My thoughts and prayers go out to the poor person who has to stand there all night with it. The night shift at this place must be brutal.

"Waited the entire summer to harvest potatoes and this is all my garden produced."

This might actually be more disappointing than the tiny carrot as you will probably have to peel this potato to do anything really good with it like mash it.

"Hey man, can I borrow your pe- Oh..."

Thats is incredibly good shading and linework for a weird specific tattoo! I'd never get it but I love it at the same time!