10+ Times Men Put Female Celebs In Very Weird Situations

The past five years have brought a much-needed change in Hollywood, especially when it comes to the portrayal and treatment of women in the media.

But in spite of taking a considerable step in the right direction, we still have a long way to go. See what i mean and check out these 10+ times that men put female celebs in very weird situations.

1. The time that Jeremy Renner made a joke about J-Lo's breasts at the Golden Globes.

The two stars were presenting an award on stage together. While J-Lo attempted to open the envelope, she remarked "I've got the nails."

To which Jeremy replied, "You've got the globes, too."

2. Seth MacFarlane's 2013 opening monologue at the Academy Awards.

The Academy Awards are a time to celebrate the very best that cinema has to offer.

By performing an original show tune titled "We Saw Your Boobs," all Seth managed to do was alienate and objectify every single woman in the audience.

3. When David Letterman touched Catherine Zeta-Jones' hair without consent.

In the middle of the interview, Dave just starts petting her like a dog. Catherine is clearly creeped out and obviously offended.

This is precisely why we need a female late-night TV host.

4. The time that Jay Leno physically undressed Judith Light.

Why Jay took it upon himself to undress a guest, I don't think any of us will ever know.

Judith even tells Jay to stop and cut to commercial, yet still, he persists.

5. When Graham Norton kept insisting that Cara Delevinge divulge the story about the time she had sex on a plane.

Cara is so obviously uncomfortable with the line of questioning that it's enough to make you cringe.

She even makes a point of telling Graham that her father is in the audience, but even that wasn't enough to derail the host.

6. When Matt Lauer shamed Anne Hathaway after a reporter snapped a vulnerable picture of her.

Matt placed the blame totally on Anne, referring to the ordeal as a "wardrobe malfunction." He then asked the young actress what lesson she'd learned as a result of the situation.

If that isn't victim blaming, then I don't know what is.

7. The time that David Letterman sent Angelina Jolie running for the hills.

Dave begins the interview by asking Angelina if she likes to cook and bake. When she sarcastically replies that she's "not a good woman," Dave then obnoxiously chides "that's not exactly the ultimate test."

8. David Letterman hitting on Uma Thurman.

Dave used to be quite the dog, there's no denying that.

After testing the waters to try and discover if he's too old for Uma to date, he then changes the subject and begins complimenting her on her "perfect ears."

9. When Michael Rosenblum treated Sofia Vergara like an object at the Emmy Awards.

Michael's speech was supposed to be all about inclusion and diversity in the television academy.

But almost as soon as the speech began, the pedestal that Sofia was standing on began to rotate. Rosenblum's speech was a mockery; it was demeaning and offensive to all women.

10. Sir David Attenborough aggressively hitting on Jessica Chastain while appearing on *The Graham Norton Show*.

You may not recognize David's face but odds are that you're more than familiar with his voice.

David provides the narration on all of the BBC nature docs like Human Planet and Planet Earth.

Almost immediately, David slowly starts undressing Jessica with his eyes while explaining the mating habits of Birds of Paradise.

It kills me to know that behind that sweet honey-suckle voice beats the heart of a creepy old man.

At one point it looks like Jessica is about to cuff him on the side of the head.

11. The time that Adrian Brody made out with Halle Berry during his Oscar acceptance speech.

When Adrian took the stage to accept his Oscar, he didn't just give Halle a peck on the cheek. He grabbed her and forced his tongue in her mouth — in front of everyone!

What kind of person does that?

13. Dame Helen Mirren was once called a slut to her face by TV host Michael Parkinson.

During Michael's introduction of Helen, he said that she was "especially telling at projecting slutish eroticism."

I think it's fair to say that most people wouldn't have been able to remain so composed. But then again, a lioness doesn't concern herself with the opinions of sheep.

14. Scarlett Johansson was groped on the red carpet by Isaac Mizrahi.

Mizrahi was already in hot water for asking questions that many actresses felt crossed the line.

When it came time for him to talk to Scarlett, he took it upon himself to ask if she was wearing a bra.

After Scarlett sheepishly replied that it was all built-in, Isaac felt compelled to grab her left breast.

To make matters even worse, he then began cheering in front of the camera "I touched Scarlett's boobs!"

At the time, Scarlett was only 21-years-old. It was clear that she not only felt uncomfortable but incredibly embarrassed and rightly so.

15. When CeeLo Green said that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion were asking to be abused.

The disgraced judge of The Voice accused Cardi and Megan of using their bodies to solicit sales in a salacious manner.

CeeLo has since apologized for his remarks.

16. Kanye West using a photo of Whitney Houston's bathroom for Pusha T's album cover.

Considering that Whitney died of an accidental overdose in her bathroom, many found the choice of photo to be in poor taste.

Kanye was accused of trying to profit and commodify the death of a female icon.

18. The time that Aaron Spelling fired Jessica Biel from *7th Heaven* for posing topless.

In a desperate attempt to save her job, Jessica was forced to try and make amends by apologizing to the network executives.

When the photos came out, she was treated like a pariah.

17. When a male journalist kept badgering a 14-year-old Venus Williams during an interview.

After a while, Venus' father becomes fed up with the line of questioning and quickly ends the interview altogether.

He reminds the reporter that he's dealing with the image of a 14-year-old girl.

19. Jason Bateman defending Jeffrey Tambor's abusive behavior — right in front of Jessica Walter

During an incredibly honest and candid interview with The New York Times, Jessica broke down recalling the abuse she suffered at the hands of Jeffrey Tambor.

Jason accuses her of overreacting and chalks up Jeffrey's behavior to that of an eccentric actor.

20. When Ariana Grande was forced to sit through an incredibly sexist interview.

Amid the onslaught of chauvinistic and sexist questions, Ari was asked whether she found it harder to go without makeup or her phone.

She shut the line of questioning down immediately and threatened to walk out of the interview.

21. The time that Amy Schumer was called "skanky" by a male interviewer.

This happened a few years ago while Amy was promoting her film Trainwreck.

It's unclear if the male reporter thought that he was making a joke by referring to Amy's character as "skanky." Either way, she didn't find it funny in the slightest.

22. Blake Lively being asked what her power outfit was while attending the Power of Women New York Luncheon.

There's a time and place to discuss fashion (like on a runway, for instance).

But when you're walking the red carpet at an event designed to empower and build women up, it's probably best not to ask such a demeaning and irrelevant question.

23. When Taylor Swift was asked on live TV if turning 30 would finally make her settle down with a man.

Taylor was making an appearance on the German Deutsche Press-Agentur.

After taking a moment to recover from the incredibly insulting question, Taylor replies "I really don't think that men would be asked this question when they turn 30.”

24. Reese Witherspoon was told by her male financial planner that she wouldn't have a career in her 40s.

In order to prepare for her severe lack of funds, Reese was advised to start saving away immediately.

As you may have imagined, her first male financial planner couldn't have been more wrong and didn't last long.

25. Elizabeth Moss' pitch was rejected by male execs for being too feminine.

She said during an interview with Digital Spy that,

"Everything was too female. It was a female lead, a female protagonist, it was led by a woman. It was too female. I was shocked by it. I won't say specifically. It was recently."

26. The time Mindy Kaling was stripped of her producer credit on *The Office*.

Mindy didn't just star in The Office, she was also a writer and producer as well.

But when the first Emmy season came around, Mindy was stripped of her title.

To make matters worse, she was then forced to write an essay listing her accomplishments


Mindy then had to get her male colleagues to sign off, indicating that she was indeed telling the truth and that her work warranted a producer's credit.

27. When Emmy Rossum was forced to model a swimsuit for a movie audition.

This may not have been such an abnormal request, had the movie required Emmy to be wearing a bathing suit.

But as she later found out, there was no such scene included in the film whatsoever.

29. Brie Larson was asked to wear high heels and a mini skirt to several auditions.

During an interview with ,Variety, Brie admitted that,

“There were many times that I would go into auditions and casting directors would say, ‘It’s really great, really love what you’re doing, but we’d love for you to come back in a jean mini skirt and high heels.'”

28. The time Mila Kunis was told she'd never work in Hollywood again, unless she posed nude.

To help promote a film she was starring in, a producer suggested that Mila pose semi-nude for a men's magazine.

When she refused, she was met with severe backlash, threats, and harsh criticism.