Quotes For People Who Know Their Mothers All Too Well

If I know anything about moms it's this: They are thrifty.

Regardless of their family income or whether they're a stay-at-home mom, they will find ways to make things last or be reused as long as is humanly possible.

Did the toddler toss their teddy bear onto the stove while she was cooking?

Well, Teddy is now missing an ear and helps teach naughty kids about the dangers of playing near the stove, and Mom is already googling hacks for how to naturally clean melted polyester stuffing from oven burners.

All while getting the oven preheating for a round of back-up frozen chicken nuggets.

Because every mom has back-up nuggets in the freezer.

Sure, they may not be chicken. Maybe they're tofu or cauliflower nuggets, but there is always a bite-sized, easy-to-cook alternative for when Timmy simply will not or cannot eat anything else.

See also: a container of random buttons that have fallen off shirts, a never-ending supply of wet-wipes, and recycled gift bags for every occasion.

Bonus points if she keeps all the stray bits of tissue paper too.

Extra gold star if she's actually gone out and bought a new big gift bag for something, because if she used the biggest one in her stash, she'd no longer have a container for said stash.

That's peak mom right there.

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