Amazing Table Inspired By A Beetle's Wings

When it comes to design, there is no better source of inspiration than nature.

That's the approach furniture designer Radhika Dhumal took when creating "Etytra," a table that can expand and contract its wings to mimic the motions of a beetle. Let's check it out.

The table was created to be a great space-saver.

According to Radhika, she created it to for those of us who need a bit more space, but also love to have conversation pieces in our homes. This is the perfect blend of both!

The wings seamlessly fold in and out, just as a beetle's wings would.

And, much like a beetle, the wings move as one.

"Whenever the need for extra space arises, one wing of the table can be opened which simultaneously opens the other wing," Radhika said.

She won a major award for its design.

Radhika took home Student of the Year at the ELLE Deco International Design Awards in 2019. Yup, she designed and built this table while she was still a student!

Radhika could not be more proud of her work.

"The wooden texture was an absolute delight to work with and soooo satisfying," she wrote on Instagram.

You can check out more of her incredible work on her website!