15+ Pics That Captured A Revealing Perspective

Photographs can capture not just a straightforward picture of a scene, but also new ways to view a given scene. It takes some creativity, artistic skill, and a little bit of luck, but sometimes a pic can transcend the scene that it's capturing.

Light show.

Reddit | GuffinCreative

Aurora borealis makes for a stunning backdrop to any picture. The hulk of a burnt-out plane on the tundra makes for a unique foreground against the majesty of the northern lights.

The Last of Us vibes.

Reddit | Theosmush

It's always jarring to see nature take over a building that, if it were cleared of its plant life, looks like it's in good repair.

All the pigments.

Reddit | pearcechris

This landscaping supply depot might not look like much at ground level, but this drone shot takes things to another level.

Passing by.

Reddit | matthieuchabert

Hot air balloons can make for a dramatic sight, especially when they fly by at low altitudes. This unique angle really captures it.

Castle on a hill.

Reddit | adambulleyphoto

This pic of Edinburgh Castle in the fog really puts the focus on the castle that's stood sentry over the Scottish capital since the 11th century.

Telltale heart.

Reddit | SamStephens

Something about this pic of the inside of a red bell pepper really gives me human heart vibes. Maybe it's the color.


Reddit | eat-mycorpse

Moscow is often thought of as a gray, drab city. But this shot, framed by chain link, shows its bustling downtown skyscrapers.


Reddit | SaintHuck

This pic of a broken electronic billboard should be familiar to anyone who's ever smashed a TV or computer monitor.

In pieces.

Reddit | rgaya

This building is in one piece. But when it's reflected on broken glass, it looks like it's shattered into hundreds of pieces.

Two against the snow.

Reddit | anshul119

This pic of two hikers in white-out conditions in the Alps is so snowy that 99% of it looks like a blank white screen.

Winter's here.

Reddit | Zbowers1998

This is the kind of pic that feels so alien on a hot day in July, and all too familiar during January's bitter cold.

This broke my brain.

Reddit | brandjohns

I was wondering how someone managed to create ripples in the sky. Then I realized that this was a pic of a pond, flipped upside down.

Frame up.

Reddit | derryainsworth

This skyscraper has a big hole built into it. From this pic, it almost looks like it was designed to showcase passing ships.

Different stages.

Reddit | kmyfrks

This pic shows, in sequence, two strangers, followed by a couple, followed by a family. I guess that's life.

Piping hot.

Reddit | big_pepe10

This pic of a steaming piece of macaroni, fresh out of the pot, is a reminder that we should let pasta cool before sampling it.


Reddit | Rose7pt

The polished steel of train tracks can make for some beautiful pictures. Here, a set of rails reflects the last light of the day.

Puddle world.

Reddit | nickjl79

The reflection in this puddle shows a whole scene, complete with trees and sky. Then you scroll up and realize it's just a humble puddle.

Feel the spark.

Reddit | Sivll

Static electricity is a weird phenomenon that sees us conjuring sparks out of thin air. Here it is, close-up.


Reddit | D1sguise

Any Duke University alumni should recognize the shape of this chapel, if not the colors. That's because this photo of Duke's campus has been taken with an infrared camera. I've never seen it like that.

Flipped around.

Reddit | n3rding

This mindbending pic of a wine glass shows an upside-down ship...only it's now right-side-up because the pic itself has been flipped.

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