10+ Things That Made Absolutely No Sense In Marvel Movies

Marvel has helped to completely redefine the way we think about superheroes and comic book storytelling. Their ability to create an interconnected cinematic universe that spans decades was truly unprecedented.

But throughout the years and the many incredible battles we've watched play out on the big screen, some things still remain a mystery. See what I mean and check out these 10+ things that made absolutely no sense in Marvel movies.

The laws of ascension for Wakanda in *Black Panther*.

Wakanda is supposed to be the most technologically advanced civilization on the planet. If that's true, why are there rules regarding rulership so primal?

Anyone can be King, so long as they defeat the current ruler in single-combat? Wouldn't that lead to lengthy and numerous transitions of power?

Who can lift Mjolnir?

Who is worthy and where does that line end and begin? For instance, if Thor's hand is touching the hammer and you pull up on his wrist — did you raise the hammer, or did he?

Or what if Thor leaves Mjolnir in an elevator and hits the up button: is the elevator worthy?

The time loop in the Dark Dimension in *Doctor Strange*.

Stephen Strange is able to defeat Dormammu in the end by creating a time loop and essentially annoying the primordial mystic being into submission.

But as we learned early on, time doesn't exist in the Dark Dimension. If that's so, how could he create a time loop?

The Guardians plan to try and stop Thanos in *Avengers: Infinity War*.

Gamora knew first hand the power Thanos possessed, and that was back when he didn't have a single Infinity Stone.

How could they have seriously thought they'd stand a chance once he had two stones? And why didn't they even consider the possibility that he could have a third?

Loki's senseless sacrifice in *Avengers: Infinity War*.

Thanos on his own would have been more than a match for Loki, despite his own formidable power. With two Infinity Stones — he was borderline invincible.

Why would Loki have chosen that moment to try and kill Thanos when he knew there was no chance?

The fact that nobody cared when The Hulk left earth in *Avengers: Age Of Ultron*.

Bruce blasts off in a spaceship near the end of Age of Ultron and isn't seen again in the MCU until Thor: Ragnarok.

Not only is Bruce Banner a founding member of the team, but he's one of the most brilliant scientific minds on the planet. Wouldn't they have tried a little harder to find him?

Tony is still making suits in *Captain America: Civil War*.

I'm not necessarily mad, but if Tony is still making suits then what was the point of him destroying his arsenal at the end of Iron Man 3?

Doesn't the fact that there's an Iron-Hulk kind of muddy the symbolic end to Tony's character arc?

Captain America appearing at USO shows in *Captain America: The First Avenger*.

Why on earth would the government waste all this time and research only to parade their greatest weapon around as if they were entering him in a dog and pony show?

Couldn't they have gotten an actor and allowed Cap to deal with the real issues — like fighting a war, perhaps?

Tony deducing that Peter Parker was Spider-Man in *Captain America: Civil War*.

Sure, Tony is a genius but so is Peter Parker. I'm not saying that it isn't possible that Tony could have found out the truth, I'm only pointing out that no explanation is ever given.

Which to me, just feels sloppy.

Ant-Man's decision to fight with Captain America in *Captain America: Civil War*.

Scott Lang had absolutely no skin in the game whatsoever. He had no relationship with either Iron Man or Captain America, yet he was completely gun-ho and onboard to aid in the fight.

Why? Doing so made him a criminal all over again and Scott was just starting to fix things with his daughter.

Why is Rocket OK with being called a rabbit by Thor in *Avengers: Infinity War*?

In The Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket gets incredibly offended when Peter Quill calls him a raccoon and even more so when Gamora refers to him as a rodent.

So why doesn't he at the very least correct Thor when the God of Thunder calls him a rabbit?

Nebula's time paradox in *Avengers: Endgame*.

Nebula kills her past self from 2014 and also brings the past version of Gamora into the present timeline.

But if the past version of Nebula is dead, shouldn't present-Nebula have immediately turned to dust? My head hurts just thinking about it.

Tony recruiting a teenage kid to fight alongside The Avengers in *Captain America: Civil War*.

I understand that Peter possesses far greater physical strength than Tony, but at the end of the day he's still just a 15-year-old kid.

Did Tony really have no reservations whatsoever about bringing a teenager into the fray?

Captain Marvel not using the Nano Gauntlet in *Avengers: Endgame*.

This is perhaps the dumbest sequence in the history of the MCU.

Why on earth would Captain Marvel run (not fly) with the Nano Gauntlet in her arms? Why wouldn't she have just put it on her hand right then and there and snapped her fingers?

Tony didn't have to die, guys — you killed him.

Nick Fury getting his eye scratched out by a cat in *Captain Marvel*.

I've met a lot of temperamental felines in my life, but never once have I come face to face with a housecat that could literally claw my eyes out.

It kind of felt like the writers were trolling us with that one.