10+ Things That Made Absolutely No Sense In 'Big Bang Theory'

No matter how much time passes, I can never seem to get enough of The Big Bang Theory. It's a series that I constantly find myself coming back to time and time again.

But after about the fourth time through, the inconsistencies begin to show themselves. See what I mean and check out these 10+ things that made absolutely no sense in The Big Bang Theory.

The fact that Sheldon has any friends at all.


Can you imagine willingly being friends with someone who told you where to sit, what to eat, what movies to watch, and what video games to play?!

I'd go insane within minutes, so why do Leonard, Howard, and Raj keep subjecting themselves to this torture?

Raj forgetting the other members of The Justice League.


Clearly, this episode was filmed long before Jason Mamoa became the King of Atlantis. But even if Raj had reservations about dressing up as King Orin, he had other choices.

Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Green Arrow; the list goes on.

The fact that Sheldon's dad and Leonard's childhood bully were played by the same actor.


I hate when TV shows pull this kind of stuff. Would it have been that difficult to get another actor to play the part?

Quit screwing with the continuity, it's messy enough as is.

Bernadette's voice gradually getting more high-pitched as time went on.

I didn't notice it either, but if you go back to the very first episode where Penny introduces Bernadette to the gang, her voice is pretty normal for the most part.

They pitched up Bernie's voice so gradually that we didn't even notice it was happening.

Howard's incredibly creepy behavior.


There are countless examples of Howard proving himself to be a lowlife creep.

He's equipped toy cars with spy cameras in order to look up Penny's skirt and even hacked into a government satellite to try and discover the location of the America's Next Top Model house.

How was he never arrested?

Sheldon's inconsistencies with germaphobia.


If Sheldon is such a severe germaphobe, then can someone please explain to me how he and Leonard found themselves inside a sperm bank during the pilot episode?

It seems a little contrary to character, wouldn't you agree?

The roommate agreement.


Why does this stupid thing even exist? There have been more clause violations over the course of the series than one would care to count and most of them are committed by Sheldon.

He constantly has Amy over without asking Leonard's permission, and who could forget the time that Sheldon adopted six cats?

The idea that Howard could ever be an astronaut.


Astronauts need to be in absolute peak condition to withstand the many stressors of space — both physical and mental.

There's absolutely no way that an asthmatic momma's boy with heart palpitations and a nut allergy would be allowed anywhere near a spaceship.

Kripke's helium prank on Sheldon.

Sure, we all got a good laugh when Barry filled the room with Helium while Sheldon was conducting his radio interview. But had he done it in real life, the outcome wouldn't have been so funny.

If there's enough helium to replace the oxygen in the room, Sheldon would have suffocated.

Penny completely abandoning her core group of girlfriends.


Before Penny found Bernadette, she used to frequently hang out with a core group of about four girls. They did everything from bar nights to football games.

But once Amy and Bernie came into the picture, Penny just ditched her old crew. That's harsh.

Sheldon not trusting the banks enough to cash his paycheck.

We find out in "The Excelsior Acquisition" that Sheldon has been storing his paychecks away in his desk because he doesn't trust the banks.

If that's true, how does he have any money for rent or groceries?

Penny setting Bernadette up with Howard.


We're supposed to believe that after two full seasons of Penny getting sexually harassed by Howard that she all of a sudden decides to set up her new best friend with literally the creepiest guy she knows?

I don't think so.

Leonard continuing to live with Sheldon.


It's one thing to be friends with Sheldon but living with him?! That's just madness.

I know Sheldon often gets a bad rap (and rightly so) but what does it say about someone like Leonard who chooses to subject himself to such an environment? Is he a masochist?

Penny being able to afford rent on her own.


If Leonard and Sheldon, two Cal-Tech employed physicists, can barely make ends meet — how on earth can Penny afford to live on her own while making a server's salary?

Are the tips that good at The Cheesecake Factory?

The fact that the elevator never got fixed.


An engineer, an astrophysicist, an experimental physicist, and a theoretical physicist all walk up the stairs; it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.

But seriously, the total brainpower of these four could power the state of California. I'm sure if they put their minds to it they could fix a pesky elevator.