Quotes From People Who Know Exactly Who They Are

For better or worse, we live as ourselves for our entire lives, and it can certainly be an interesting adventure.

After a certain amount of years we tend to start noticing some of our patterns and tendencies, sometimes to the point where we can totally call something a very "us" thing to do.

We've compiled quotes that embody those of us that know who we are a little too well.

This is one for those of us that have unique ways of celebrating ourselves.

For some, hair shed can be one big annoying mess. For others, it's actually a way of spreading their personalities all of their homes, like decor.

This quote is for those who are brutally honest with themselves.

Knowing ourselves isn't always easy, but it also can be empowering to own our faults and imperfections. Self reflection can help us embrace all of our layers.

Here's one for those that test their own limits.

Sometimes we set guidelines for ourselves based on what we think we should do while knowing good and well what we'll actually do.

In a way, that may even be part of the fun.

Finally, here's one for people who know themselves but also enjoy the occasional break.

It can be comfortable and secure to know who we are, but it can be exhausting to constantly show the world how strong or funny we are.

Sometimes we just need to relax and not think about anything, preferably while someone feeds us snacks.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if any or all of these quotes resonate with you.