Parenting Quotes To Distract Us From All Our Kids' Nonsense

If you're having a pretty rough day and are looking for something, anything, to distract you from the little gremlins you share your home with, congratulations! You found it!

I've compiled some of the funniest yet totally relatable parenting quotes the internet has to offer. So if you want to laugh while also taking comfort in knowing you're not alone, I think you're really going to enjoy these!

It's somehow easier to summon enthusiasm for something if you don't look at it.

If you don't lift your head from your phone when you hear "look at this", you can pretend it's something worth remarking on, like your kid doing a one-handed cartwheel or showing you a four leaf clover they found in the grass.

When in reality it's probably something that came out of their toy box that isn't very cool at all.

I'm allowed to look like a mess, not you.

One day you'll reach an age where it's somewhat socially acceptable for you to hit the store in a pair of wrinkly old pajamas, but until that day comes, you need to put on some real pants.

That's life, kiddo.

Don't get too comfortable.

It's all fun and games when your sibling is getting in trouble but I guarantee in about five minutes it'll be your turn, and then they'll be the ones smiling politely at your parents while secretly smirking on the inside.

And then you'll just feel silly.

That explains the Play-Doh in the carpet.

HGTV-worthy homes are great in theory, but you'll never catch a parent with a house in such pristine, mess-free condition. While those decorative, expensive glass bowls look lovely in the sitting room, that coffee table is way too low for a parent to ever realistically put something so breakable within kid-reach.

No, we'll stick to our mushed-crayons in the couch, Barbie dolls in the kitchen, and Cheerio crumbs on every surface, thank you very much.