10+ Things That Made Absolutely No Sense In 'Sons Of Anarchy'

Few shows have been able to make as powerful of a cultural impact as Sons of Anarchy. For seven seasons, this motorcycle melodrama was catapulted to the very top of the rating list.

I've always loved it and continue to be a fan. But after having recently rewatched the entire series, I've managed to find 10+ things that just made absolutely no sense whatsoever in Sons of Anarchy.

Juice betraying the club.


Sure, they may have been some members that might not have been happy learn the truth about Juice's lineage. But when you compare it against snitching to the police?! It doesn't even come close.

This was also an antiquated Club rule from the '60s. No one would have cared that Juice's dad was Black.

Chibs' romantic involvement with a police officer.


Chibs comes from the old school of thinking. That means an absolutely zero-tolerance policy on fraternizing with law enforcement.

Their entire relationship felt so disingenuine and completely forced. Thank goodness it didn't go on for very long.

The fact that Clay is so concerned with his arthritis.


Early on in the series we often hear Clay discussing the "no ride, no membership" bylaw of the MC. Only it doesn't actually seem to be enforced at all.

What about Piney? He rides a 3-wheeler with an oxygen tank fixed to the back and he's still a voting member.

Jax choosing to let Abel go with his foster family.

I'm glad that this heartwrenching scene from season 3 by-and-large helped introduce the world to the music of Sun Kil Moon but other than that — it's a slap in the face.

Under no circumstance would any father, let alone Jax Teller, give his son away.

Gemma giving Abel the SON ring.


So we're supposed to believe that in the midst of all the chaos that's happened directly as a result of Jax's involvement with the Club, that Gemma's last act as a grandmother is to give her eldest grandchild a gift that could potentially condemn his life and soul?!

I don't think so.

Does Jax just not care that he has a half-sister?


For a guy who has been so desperate to try and understand the ghost of his father, Jax turned a pretty big blind-eye to his only other living heir.

I know that Trinity was in Ireland, but Jax could've at least picked up the phone every once in a while.

Doesn't Unser have cancer?


The pilot episode of SOA is all about the Club convincing Unser not to step down as Chief so as to bide them time to transition to a new warehouse.

At that time, Unser was told he had 6 months to live. I guess the prognosis was way off?

Just who is Lee Toric, anyway?


This guy is a supervillain with a badge. How does he have all of these illicit connections? How is he able to move in and out of various prison systems so easily?

Something just doesn't add up with this guy. His brutality was totally over the top, too.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to be an MC Prospect?

Charming is a small town after all, and you've got to presume that all Prospects would be local or at least from the surrounding area.

Do they have a death wish? Do they not understand the nature of the beast they're dealing with?

The fact that Tara and her boss have the identical tattoo in the exact same spot.


What really put the icing on the cringe cake is that they also have identical explanations as to why they haven't got their tattoos removed:

"I keep it there to remember that all that [expletive] is behind me." Ugh. That was just brutal.

Jax's 'sacrifice.'

It wasn't really a sacrifice at all, was it?

What about the trauma and horror the loss is going to cause for Abel and Thomas? Is history not bound to repeat itself with Jax out of the picture and how are we to know that Abel won't grow up to be even worse?

Why do the people of Charming allow the MC to function at all?


There may have been a time that the MC served a purpose. But you can't tell me that logical, rational thinking people in the 21st-century would still turn to an outlaw MC to keep them safe.

And to keep them safe from what, exactly?

Did JT kill himself?


Was it Clay; or maybe Gemma? Did John do it himself? Could JT have known the bike was tampered with but still took it out on the open road?

The severe lack of closure surrounding his death vexes me and it always has.

The idea that any other gang would ever willingly do business with SAMCRO.


Let's run the short-list, shall we?

SAMCRO has betrayed the One-Niners, The Mayans, the Lin Triad; hell — they even screwed over their own brother-MC The Devil's Tribe.

These guys can't be trusted, how can no one else see that?

What's the deal with Clay's money problems?


Clay has been a gun-runner and smuggler for over 30 years and he's also the President of the SAMCRO mother Charter. So how is it that he isn't sitting on a fat pile of money?

He and Gemma lead pretty modest lives, and they even own and operate their own garage. What's the deal here, Clay?