Ashley Graham Shows Off Armpit Hair In Stunning New Pics

Everyone, gather 'round. I have something crazy to say. Women. Have. Armpit. Hair. I know, right? Not that you'd know that judging by any female razor commercials, but it's true!

The latest celeb to rock their underarm fur is supermodel and eternal bombshell Ashley Graham.

It's becoming more and more common for women to freely rock their armpit hair!

Unsplash | Mel Poole

What, women have ARMPIT HAIR?!

That was a joke, everyone. A joke about how absolutely ridiculous it is that women have been forced to shave every inch of their bodies for decades!

Well, it seems like many women in 2021 are about DONE with being told what to do with their body hair.

Trust me, some hairy pits is not going to be the worst part of this year, I promise!

Many celebrities are hopping on the trend and ditching their razors.

The latest celeb to stun fans with their unshaved underarms is supermodel and body-positive activist Ashley Graham!

Ashley Graham is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Please note not only is she a body-positive activist, but she's also an armpit hair activist.

Prepare to fall in love in 3...2...1...

GODDESS STATUS! Posting a series of gorgeous photos, Ashley captioned the pics "like a glove."

This makes me want to run out and buy a dress in this same material and love every inch of myself!

Fans were obsessed with Ashley's aesthetic.

"Are you bringing back armpit hair? Absolutely gorgeous!" commented one fan.

"Queen of curves and queen of armpit hair," commented another.

Of course, someone tried to come for the good vibes. H8ter @esauer1119 wrote "Shave your pits."

But don't worry, Ashley's fans came and clapped back in her defense.

"Grow a better beard," is my personal favorite diss.

As fans may recall, this is not the first time Ashley has rocked armpit hair on IG.

Back in November, the supermodel shared a bath selfie which was all kinds of fuzzy fabulous!

Hopefully this means more and more women will feel comfortable letting their armpit hair shine!

Earlier this month, singer Julia Michael rocked her unshaven pits at the Grammys! It was awesome to see such freedom on the red carpet!

Also please never forget when Madonna say ROCK THE ARMPIT HAIR!

And you know the universal rule of the planet is that if Madonna does it, it's now a trend and must be celebrated immediately!

We're so happy Ashley, and other celebs, are encouraging others to love themselves just the way they are!

What a concept, eh?

What do you think of Ashley's pics? Let us know in the comments below!