Joey Fatone Says Despite Challenges, Raising An Autistic Daughter Has 'Opened' His Mind

Joey Fatone wears many hats.

He's a former member of the popular boyband NSYNC, a hot dog restauranter, and an actor.

He's also a doting father to two daughters, one of whom is on the autism spectrum.

Fatone opened up recently about his, including how the experience has "opened" his mind.

Ever since NSYNC broke up, Joey Fatone has become quite the family man.

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He married his high school sweetheart, Kelly Baldwin, in 2004, and the pair welcomed two daughters: Briahna, 19, and Kloey, 11.

Sadly, the pair filed for divorce in 2019 after 15 years of marriage.

Last year, he spoke to *Us Weekly* about the efforts he was making to co-parent with Kelly since their divorce.

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"I never noticed that when I was younger because I was always traveling with NSYNC," he shared.

"My ex was always with the kids, and it was always, 'Well, the kids did this and this and that,' and (I was) always like, 'Yeah, yeah, but you can deal with it.'"

The *Dancing With the Stars* alum also shared the challenges of parenting solo during his time with the kids.

“We all need downtime to ourselves, whether that be either watching TiVo all day, going to play golf, going to a hotel and reading a book,” he noted," adding that "it's not that easy."

Recently, Fatone supported his youngest daughter, Kloey, who is on the autism spectrum.

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She took part in the Runway of Dreams Foundation's fashion show in Miami, Florida.

The non-profit organization works toward the goal of a future of " inclusion, acceptance and opportunity in the fashion industry for people with disabilities," per the website.

Kloey walked the runway alongside more than 40 models, all of whom have a disability or difference.

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Afterward, Kloey and her dad appeared on People (the TV Show!) to talk about the incredible experience.

"I'm most excited that I get to meet new people," Kloey told host Jeremy Parsons.

Joey interjected in the sweetest way. "And what else? You can tell him," he said.

Kloey gave a thumbs up and a smile, as she said,

"And also I get to miss school — the best thing ever." You go, girl! "The best thing ever is to not be in school for a day!" Fatone added.

This wasn't the first time the singer talked about Kloey and her potential future in the entertainment biz.

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“I do feel like Kloey could be my little entertainer,” he told Entertainment Tonight in 2017.

This came after their appearance on Network’s Big Star Little Star when Kloey was just seven-and-a-half.

He said that he will support her completely if she takes that familiar path.

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“I will help her out and support her totally, but I won’t be a stage dad!"

"The biggest thing I hope they learn [from my career] is that anything is possible.”

During his 2021 interview with *People (the TV Show!)*, the subject changed to how raising an autistic daughter has "opened" Fatone's mind.

"Basically it's thinking outside the box that makes things work and connect for her," he said.

"You know, it's been challenging every once and a while, but it's actually opened up my mind a lot."

He added that he's learned a lot of patience over the years.

He also talked about how the importance of accessible mainstream clothing.

"The things that are coming out now — even the sneakers that are adaptive for people who may not be able to tie their own sneakers, they can put their feet right in, obviously fitting for people."

"I think it just gives everybody a walk of life just to have cool clothes, let's be real," Fatone said.

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His daughters are so lucky to have such an amazing dad!

For more of his interview with People (the TV Show!) check it out here. You can also watch Kloey's runway show on Runway of Dreams' YouTube channel.