'Killing Eve' Will End With Season 4

Why must all good things come to an end? Why must our favorite shows leave us? Why can't they go on forever and ever and be amazing for every single season?

Sadly, that is just not how the world works. It's one of those inevitable woes of life. Taxes, wrinkles, death, and your favorite shows ending.

The latest show we have to say goodbye to is *Killing Eve* which will be ending after it's fourth season.


Production on the eight-episode final season will begin this summer in the U.K. and locations across Europe for a 2022 premiere on both AMC and BBC America, as per the The Hollywood Reporter.

However, the end doesn't always mean *the end*.

THR reports AMC Networks is working closely with Killing Eve producers Sid Gentle Films to develop potential spinoff ideas.

These ideas will explore the larger world of the show outside of Eve and Villanelle.

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