10+ Things That Made Absolutely No Sense In 'Friends'

You don't need me to tell you that Friends is a great show. The star-studded series was the pinnacle '90s sitcom whose legacy is still being felt more than a decade after being taken off the air.

Now that due credit is given, I think it's fair to see that there's also quite a bit in Friends that's difficult to ascertain.

See what I mean and check out these 10+ things that made absolutely no sense in Friends.

Why can't Rachel and Chandler remember one another?


It's a fair question, considering that over the course of the series Rachel and Chandler meet for the first time — three times.

First, it was the Gellar Thanksgiving, then at the bar, and finally in the pilot episode at Central Perk.

Does no one else ever sit on the couch at Central Perk?


It's a pretty prime piece of real estate, and it's not as if the gang are inside Central Perk every waking hour of the day.

So what gives? Is the spot just permanently reserved?

Leaving the door to the apartment unlocked.

The next time you watch old episodes of Friends, try to keep track of how many times someone just walks into the apartment without knocking.

This is supposed to be New York City! What kind of person doesn't lock their door?

Jack Gellar being alright with Monica and Richard's relationship.


For one thing, Richard was twice Monica's age but that's not even the worst part.

Don't forget that Richard and Jack were friends! They played racquetball together. That's a pretty sleazy move, Dr. Burke.

Joey and Chandler being allowed to keep the duck and chick.


Most of the apartment buildings that I ever lived in required you to have special permission just to bring in a dog or a cat.

I'm fairly certain that no superintendent is going to be alright with waterfowl swimming in the bathtub.

Do any of the gang actually work?

How often do we see all six of the Friends gang sitting on the couch inside Central Perk, sipping away on macchiato in the middle of the day?

It must be nice, guys. It must be really nice.

Doesn't anyone ever take the subway?


I say again — this is New York City! The subway is the go-to mode of transportation in the city, yet we never see Ross or Monica riding the rails to work.

Why wouldn't they just take a train instead of constantly shlepping around in Phoebe's cab?

Why didn't Ben get invited to Ross and Emily's wedding?


That's a pretty big snub, don't you think? Parents — would you leave your child at home if you were getting remarried?

I don't think so. After a while, Ross was only a dad when it was convenient for the plot.

The constant mix-up with birthdays.


It's said in the first season that Joey is the youngest in the bunch. If that's the case, then why was Rachel the last to turn 30? And just exactly what month is Ross's birthday?

Too many questions...

How on earth could Joey afford a boat?


Do you remember the episode where the gang attends the silent auction and Joey goes home with the 22' sailing yacht he christens the "Mr. Beaumont"?

How in the hell could he have had enough liquid cash to be able to make the transaction?

Rachel getting off the plane for Ross.


Come on, Rachel! Do you think that Ross would give up his dreams for you?

This was such a monster character betrayal that I still have a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about it.

"We were on a break."

Ross's argument is completely moot. He slept with another person mere hours after getting in an emotional and impulsive blow-up with his girlfriend.

You weren't "on a break," Ross. You were looking for an escape and a means to hurt Rachel.

Joey and Rachel's relationship.


You know when you go to the doctor's office and they stick the giant tongue depressor in your mouth; you know how sometimes it accidentally triggers your gag reflex?

That's precisely what watching Joey and Rachel's romantic on-screen relationship feels like.

Eddie leaving Chandler's apartment.


When Joey and Chandler reconciled their differences, Eddie refused to move out.

In order to get him to leave, Joey and Chandler pretended they didn't know who he was and that he never lived there in the first place.

How were they all able to afford such lavish apartments in downtown Manhattan?


Granted, the show tried to explain Monica's situation with rent control.

But that still doesn't explain how Chandler was able to afford the apartment across the hall or how Phoebe was able to live on her own in Greenwich Village.