16+ Times People Made Things So Much Worse

There are people out there in the world who have a knack for fixing anything with whatever they happen to have lying around.

Well, the people on this list are not necessarily some of these people that's for sure. So, please enjoy these 16+ times people made things so much worse!

"Chainsaw powered bicycle..."

But...why? One other person also pointed out, "What gets me is the bar and the cutting chain are totally unnecessary if the idea is just to drive the bike. A conscious decision was made to leave it on."

"I was out for a walk and I saw this bedazzled car in my neighbourhood."

I am sure that the person who owns this car absolutely loves this design, which is all that matters...sort of.

Found At Walmart...

It baffles me that anyone would step back from having worked on this bike and thought, "Damn, that's a fine-looking bike!"

"I don't even know where to start with this bathroom."

I cannot tell if that is artificial grass or if that is a green carpet? Although, that is a question no one should ever have to ask about a bathroom's flooring.

"Glasses of cheeseburger salad."

Reddit | psingleton94a

I cannot imagine how uncomfortable and unpleasant this must be to try and actually eat.

Custom Paint Job!

Would you be happy driving around in this? I think that it is a masterpiece...just not necessarily for the right reasons.

"Surf & Turf."

I neither know how they managed to get it up there in the first place or how they are intending on getting it back down!

"I did not look closely enough at that label..."

I know that they sound absolutely horrendous, but I kind of can't help but want to try it.

"Doomed to grill forever..."

Jesus, I don't know what is worse, the fact that they did this to a poor mouse or the fact that they are charging $200 for this?!

"What a terrible day to have eyes..."

Look, it works, but it is also making my eyes bleed to look at this. I hope you're proud of yourself, you monster.

My Eyes...

The person who owned this car clearly wanted to one up the other bedazzled car! Although, to add to the horrific nature of this, the person who posted this added, "It was also only on this one side."

"There was an attempt to advertise giving blood..."

I mean, the "Don't save a life, be afraid to give blood!" probably didn't get many people to overcome their fears of giving blood.

"I used oil pastels to try and make my Joy-con Splatoon 2 colors instead of buying new ones."

How did they not finish painting one of them and realise what a colossal mistake they had made before painting the second one as well. Unless they thought that they would look better together...which, they don't.

Extreme Modification!

But the new VW beetle is such a...beautiful car anyway, why would anyone do this and ruin such a lovely car?!

"Steering wheel fix!"

Someone pointed out that they hope that the horn now makes a ding-dong sound, and that would be the only thing to save this modification.

"My sister made her own phone case!"

I don't know if you can really use the word "made" for what she has done here. This is a real abomination.

"Why not cement rocks on your toilet."

Using and/or cleaning this toilet must be about as pleasant an experience as watching Jared Leto do literally anything in a film. Agony.

"Jello shots in hard boiled eggs are definitely a DIWhy for me!"

This has ruined both hard boiled eggs and jello shots. Way to go whoever came up with this monstrosity!

"Human Bungee Cord!"

There would not be enough money in the world to convince me to do this. I mean, I could just never see myself wearing jean shorts.

"That look when you forget to devein your glasses."

The fact that the shrimp's little arms would be at the bottom of my vision would be incredibly annoying. Also, they're ridiculously hideous.