Twitter Can't Stop Roasting Noah Cyrus' Grammys Dress

The Grammys are known for lots of things — awards, snubs, performances, and of course, fashion. And while the red carpet is much smaller this year, it is still as whimsical as ever as Grammy-nominated artists showed us their best fashion.

Of course, while we love good fashion, it's the controversial pieces that always get us talking.

Noah Cyrus is not just Miley's little sister anymore, y'all.

The 21-year-old is now a Grammy-nominated songstress and now trending fashion icon is letting fans know she is her own artist.

However, miss Noah is trending all over Twitter right now for her outrageous Grammys dress.

She chose to wear a Schiaparelli Spring 2021 Haute Couture gown that is fashion, and also comedy for people on the internet, because well... it's the internet.

There's no denying us *normal people* struggle to understand such garments.

I just know I have endless respect for her shoulders for bearing the weight of this DUVET COVER.

Posting on her Instagram, the 21-year-old praised her couture.

"thank you @schiaparelli @danielroseberry for letting me wear the most sickening, angelic, couture finale piece from your spring ‘21 collection," she gushed.

The great thing about the internet is we can all interpret things for ourselves.

Some people felt Miss Cyrus looked like a piece of popcorn.

Other people couldn't help but notice it ALSO looked like a tissue, or a pad.

Regardless, the gown was reminding many of us of bathroom time, which is a choice!

"Come thru pad! Serving bedhseets!" tweeted one fan.

"Someone forgot to remove the tissue paper when they took the Noah Cyrus doll out of the box," tweeted another.

However, it wasn't just Noah's dress that got people talking.

A lot of Twitter users were surprised to see that Noah had been nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys.

In case you're behind in your Cyrus family history, the youngest Cyrus sibling has been making music for *many* years.

Her debut hit "Make Me (Cry)" was huge back in 2016. She literally opened up for Katy Perry on her Witness Tour in 2017.

So yeah, Miss Noah has been around.

Needless to say, after breaking the internet with this dress, Noah is becoming a household name. New Artist WHO?!

There is nothing like a viral fashion moment to get the world talking!

And look, it's 2021. We're a year into a global pandemic. If we want to wear our bed sheets to the red carpet, we WILL!

What do you think of Noah's dress? Let us know in the comments below!