10+ Inappropriate TV Moments That Should Have Been Cut

Have you ever watched something on TV and wondered, "who the heck approved this?"

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with many TV shows, both past and present.

So many inappropriate things got a pass on the drawing board. This includes everything from themes of sexual assault to inappropriate age gaps, and so much more.

Here are 10+ inappropriate TV moments that should have been cut.

When Hannah offed herself on *13 Reasons Why*.


While they showed Hannah's graphic death scene at the end of Season 1, it was eventually edited out.

This happened two years too late for those who had initially criticized Netflix for showing it at all.

When Izzie got together with her ghost boyfriend on *Grey's Anatomy*.


We can put up with insane twists and beloved characters' dying.

But this was just too much. We never asked to see a hallucinating Izzie thinking she was having sex with her dead ex-fiancé.

When Tyler was assaulted on *13 Reasons Why*.

Despite the public outcry from Hannah Baker's graphic suicide scene in Season One, the show didn't tame things down for Season Two.

They included this graphic sexual assault, which was triggering to some viewers.

When Betty did a striptease dance on *Riverdale*.

This scene was so out of character for Betty.

To make things worse, the audience was filled with middle-aged men who loved every minute of seeing a 16-year-old dance.

When Aria married her teacher on *Pretty Little Liars*.

While it's perfectly fine to crush on your young, hot teacher, it's a whole other can of worms to actually marry them.

Shouldn't there be a law against this? Definitely inappropriate!

When Annie only got a slap on the wrist for drunk driving and killing a homeless man on *90210*.

Her house arrest sentencing would never happen in real life.

She did something really wrong and her light sentencing is a bad example to impressionable young teens.

When George Michael and Maeby kissed on *Arrested Development*.

They were first cousins. Ew! This happened after two years of sexual tension that still makes us feel icky about to this day.

We're still not over it, and we never will be.

When Chuck traded Blair for a hotel on *Gossip Girl*.

Ah, love. Right? Wrong! He literally traded the girl he loved to his slimy uncle.

He even did so by manipulating her into doing it without her knowing. So gross.

When it was discovered that Ross was Monica's first kiss on *Friends*.


Maybe this would have been okay if that was their only form of closeness.

But Friends fans were subjected to watching these two embrace all the time and even wrestle.

When children were murdered on *Hannibal*.


This moment had serious bad timing.

The episode aired just 10 days after the Boston Marathon bombing and only months after the Sandy Hook shooting, which took the lives of many children.

When Chuck sexually assaulted females on *Gossip Girl*.

The show should've had a trigger warning for those uncomfortable scenes.

Chuck clearly didn't understand consent in the earlier seasons of the show, making it super hard to watch.

When Pacey slept with his teacher on *Dawson’s Creek*.

This was super wrong since Pacey was 15 while his teacher was somewhere in her 30s.

Even worse, the show tried to make this seem like a love story.

When Chandler pretended to be someone else just to sleep with a woman on *Friends*.


Could this BE any more inappropriate? You should never deceive someone just to get what you want.

It also could have jeopardized that woman's happiness with the real Bob.

When Fitz waged war just to get his mistress, Olivia, back to safety.

Let's hope this doesn't give other presidents ideas!

He proved that he clearly wasn't in the right state of mind to be a leader if he was willing to put people's lives at stake over his complicated love life.

When Will suspended Marley since she wouldn't wear a provocative outfit on stage on *Glee*.

As a whole, Will was a pretty horrible teacher.

He had his students do all sorts of questionable things. Also, who could forget the time he sang the "Thong" song? shudders

When Cramer set fire to the Puerto Rican flag on *Seinfeld*.

The show about nothing turned into the show that offends.

The National Puerto Rican Coalition was quite upset, resulting in the episode even getting banned!

When Jamie and Cersei had relations on *Game of Thrones*.

It was one thing to hear about their incestual relationship in the books and on the hit HBO show.

But it was a whole other can of worms to watch it with your own eyes.

When Ross made a move on his cousin on *Friends*.


First Monica and now this?! It never ends with this guy, I swear.

How would this ever be okay? It also made Cassie feel extremely uncomfortable as she just wanted to feel safe in his home.

When Buster, Plucky, and Hamton got drunk and stole a police car in *Tiny Toons Adventure*.


There was nothing appropriate about this.

The scene even ended with them drunkenly driving the car off the cliff to their deaths.