People Who Worked On Reality Shows Tell Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

By now, it's pretty obvious that the "real" in reality TV is taken loosely.

On more than one occasion (and show), fans have picked up on scripted conversations, forced fighting, and obvious editing.

But do we still watch? YUP. Curious about what other behind-the-scenes secrets there are? Keep reading for all the juicy gossip they don't want you to know!

Contestants have to cook two dishes on *Top Chef*.


One is food for the judges while the other is for the camera.

According to this Reddit user, this started after Tom Colicchio got angry at the food getting cold since the film crew was getting so many shots of it.

Producers will ask certain questions to stitch together the storyline that they want.


"After 10 hours of filming one day, the people helping me with clothes between takes whispered to me, 'They want you to say X, Y, and Z. They will keep filming until you say it. Please say X, Y, and Z on the next take so we can all go home!'" - Redditor SecretAccount7461

The interesting items in *Storage Wars* were actually planted.

Bet you can guess by who! Yup, the producers, according to this person who worked on the show.

In their defense, the show would be pretty boring without it.

In *Pawn Stars*, many of the people bringing items into the shop are not the true owners.

The show has been selling things alright: lies!

According to this Reddit user, the show would find people on the internet selling things and then hire actors to sell them.

Contestants on most food shows are told the recipes they have to make beforehand.

"Tell an unprepared contestant they have 40 minutes to make a delicious cupcake using tater tots and nine times out of ten you'll have a middle aged woman sobbing into her mixing bowl." - Redditor Sallymoustacheride

The contestants on *Chopped* get a full kitchen before the show starts.

They are also given prep time before each round, according to this Reddit user.

For example, preheating the oven or setting water to boil.

There is a lot of acting on the *Real Housewives* franchise.

"I worked on a spanish speaking version of Housewives. It was full of arguments. But only while cameras were rolling. Between scenes the talent are all talking and laughing it up. Some bring their kids and family to set and just enjoy the day." - Redditor WiscoSound

Every storyline on *Total Divas* was produced by a writing team.


"We aren't allowed to film the other wrestlers backstage, so if you see a wrestler 'spontaneously"'coming up to talk to a cast member, it was scripted. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be on air." - Redditor RandomThrowaway52

The judges take hours deliberating on *Chopped.

Viewers only see a few minutes of eating and discussing.

In reality, this process takes hours. One Reddit user wrote that an episode can take 12 hours to film.

The streaker on *American Ninja Warrior* was staged.


"I worked on American Ninja Warrior. It was planned and fake, the 'streaker' is one of the testers of the course, so he knew exactly how to do it, and he wore underwear. PAs were called to go into the audience and film it and upload it to youTube." - Redditor deleted

The timelines of what you see are extremely condensed.

A former reality TV producer shared that three months of Keeping Up With the Kardashians only took three to five weeks to film.

It would be too expensive otherwise.

Shows like *Survivor*, *Amazing Race*, and *The Big Brother* have "story producers."

While these shows aren't scripted, a story producer is in charge of creating a storyline based on what's going on.

This means getting contestants to describe an incident in their own words.

There are a lot of "Frankenbites".

According to this Reddit user, this is when producers "string together the live and interview sentences to make new ones. Occasionally they have to take two different sentences and cut them together."

Listen for it from now on!

Scenes from *Keeping Up with the Kardashians* get re-shot multiple times.

"A friend of a friend was the editor of the first season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Basically, because of him, the entire show was a success. Practically every scene had to be reshot multiple times because the family’s reactions weren't what E! wanted." - parvanae

Some homes were fake in *MTV Cribs*.

"Most of the rappers houses were rented specifically for the shoot. Actors and sports stars were their real houses for the most part." - Redditor ragingduck

Please tell us the food in the fridges was real!

The customers in *Hells Kitchen* were usually invited guests of the show and its crew.

Phew, no random person should hear Gordon Ramsey yell like he does!

This Reddit user added that the Hells Kitchen restaurant is a set in a soundstage and that Gordon is actually really nice.

Most people already live in the houses on *House Hunters*.

"Generally the people have already occupied the house/place they purchase on the show while the show is being filmed. Our acquaintances had to empty their house out so it could be staged." - Redditor ExcitedForNothing

*Married at First Sight* is the real deal.

"I was a musician at a wedding for a show called Married At First Sight. I have to say that it was kind of real. Those two people really had never met before and they really got married." - Redditor yudothesethings

Rick DOES know what's about to come through the door on *Pawn Stars*.

"My buddy does sound for that show," wrote this Reddit user.

"No question about it. It's a real functioning shop (last I heard) but don't think for a second that you're going to be able to walk in there with your old baseball card collection and get a spot on national television."