15+ Hilarious Inventions That Are As Funny As They Are Practical

Just because something is a practical invention, doesn't necessarily mean that it can't also be ridiculous.

With this in mind, from the world's most dangerous hot tub to the customised mixed drink dispenser, here are 14+ hilarious inventions that are as funny as they are practical!

"Introducing our new smoker..."

Actually, as much as I laughed at this one when I first saw it, I think that this is actually a pretty good idea now.

That's Commitment!

Fair play, this is one of the most useful tattoos that I have ever seen. Usefulness is not normally a thing that you consider when getting a tattoo though.

"What a terrible day to have eyes..."

This is an absolute abomination! Although, I cannot deny, it would achieve the intended purpose...but at what cost?

"My teacher made us mini Cheeto bag keychains by putting them in her oven on low temp. It's really cute!"

This one had me in absolute hysterics. I mean...why? What possible reason did she have for doing this?!

This Security System...

I'd be very impressed if someone could get this car to set off while in fifth gear! Also, do you think that they got a big enough lock?

"School supply sneakers!"

You'd be the coolest kid in school with these bad boys on! Although, you couldn't run in them because of the scissors.

Piping 101!

I've heard of people wearing drainpipe jeans, but this is just ridiculous!

*Studio audience angrily removes baseball bats from under their chairs...

Fixing Something With Whatever You Have To Hand...

There is something really unsettling about the idea of riding a bike with a wheel like this, but I really can't figure out why that is?

"Just going to extend this case a little bit farther..."

This person went on to add, "I saw this thing while I was stuck in traffic this morning. It was a few lanes away and as I came up behind it, it was very clear how far away from the rear of the car it was, how poorly marked it was, and how wobbly it was. Honestly I'm surprised this thing hasn't wrenched it self to death, ripped off the tow hitch, or just fallen apart."

"Dinosaur phone stand..."

As impractical as this would be to keep in your pocket, I actually really like the idea of this. And yes, I know that you wouldn't have to keep it on all the time, but I want a dinosaur that can always be attached to my phone damn it!

"Thanks to a now redundant Christmas wreath holder, I turned my two headed shower faucet into a luxurious spa usually only seen in magazines."

This will definitely make it feel like you are in a 5 star spa hotel whenever you get a shower now! No mistakes there!

The Hot Tub Of Death...

Yeah, I think that I'd rather stay out of that hot tub. I don't know why, just call it intuition.

"Reduce, reuse, recycle!"

I am sure that this would be a resounding success with the local HOA, those associations typically love this kind of craftiness!

"An outstanding display of redneck engineering."

Just make sure that you don't break too hard or suddenly when you have this monstrosity sat right behind you.

"She ain't sailin' nowhere... Put her to use!"

"This poor boat has become the very thing it was sworn to destroy."

"Actually, boats aren't really trying to destroy water are they?"

"Or are they...?"

"Again, Dave, no they're not."

"Mixed Drink Dispenser..."

Excuse me while I go and order all of the things that I need to craft myself one of these Godsends!

"Why buy a $2 sunglass case when you could use literal garbage?"

I wish that I was the kind of person who could look at a piece of tube like this and see endless possibilities. All I see is a telescope or a big stick to hit people with as apparently I'm still a child.

"My sister made her own phone case!"

Mmmm, yes, I'm sure that this will be a big hit with people! It's so...unique! I hope they patent this design before someone steals it!

"Found this hanging in the closet of my new house."

Is there anything that you cannot use a cable tie for? I feel like they have been used for absolutely everything at one point or another!

"How to stop your little dog from escaping the garden!"

I mean, it's ingenious. Also, if he ever needs to mix up some batter then he has just the thing for it! Dogs love baking, that's just a fact. Don't look it up, just trust me.