Mom On TikTok Shares Cheap And Easy Ikea Grid Mirror DIY

Grid mirrors are the trend on TikTok right now. Everyone and anyone has tried making them for the lowest price possible, but this one TikTok may have out-budgeted them all.

TikTok user @home_by_haylie found a way to make the grid mirror using Ikea products, and one surprising element. Let's find out what it is.

So, in case you have no idea what I'm talking about:

This is the mirror everyone is talking about. It's called the Raven Window Mirror, it's from West Elm, and it costs...oh, about $899.

At that price, you can see why people have been trying to DIY it.

Enter: TikTok DIYers.

No one does a DIY like a determined TikTokker, let me tell you. @home_by_haylie decided to take on the grid mirror using a minimal amount of materials!

You'll need to hit up Ikea for this one.

Don't worry, I've got you. You'll need a few packs of LOTS mirrors from Ikea, which you can get here for $9.99 for a pack of four. Then, you'll need some black paint and some frog tape (or another painter's tape of your choosing)!

You'll need a level to get the best results.

Fun tip: If you paint over the tape with your base color, THEN add your color of choice, it'll eliminate any color bleeding underneath the tape. That's a life-saving hack right there.

The mirrors are self-adhesive!

No need to mess around with industrial adhesives or tape, because IKEA thought that through for you. Wait for the paint to dry, then start lining them up on the wall!

You'll need a level for this part, too.

Using a level will ensure perfectly spaced mirrors, which is just so satisfying to see.

FYI: Haylie said this craft look her no time at all, so don't worry too much about how long it'll take to line them up.

Here's the finished product!

This is like the XS sibling of the West Elm ones! You really can't tell this was done with paint and some Ikea mirrors — it actually looks like the real mirrors.

Commenters both loved and were frustrated by the hack.

This hack came pretty late in the grid mirror game, long after everyone had already attempted their own DIYs that utilized way more materials, like wood. Oops.

She added in some more details for it, too.

If you want to try this one out for yourself, you'll need the boxes to be 127cm by 96 cm, which is 50 inches by 38 inches. Have fun, DIYers!