10+ Meaningful Tattoos With A Story Behind Them

People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons. Some folks get them because they like the look of the tattoo. Others get special tattoos for a loved one who passed away.

And then, some people get tattoos to celebrate milestones in their life. Every tattoo carries a unique story with it, and I'm sharing a few of them with you today.

This lady came up with the coolest design of a tattoo that reminds her to be faithful.

Not only does it carry a special meaning for her, but it looks really nice, too. I like the placement of it as well.

"Any way the wind blows" are the last lyrics in "Bohemian Rhapsody".

The one and only Freddie Mercury wrote these original lyrics. What a cool tattoo to get, huh? Would you tattoo the lyrics of your favorite song on your body?

Sometimes getting your first tattoo can be scary.

But if you can share the experience with someone close to you, that's so much better. These two got matching tattoos that are going to be with them for the rest of their lives.

This family got special tattoos to honor their sister and daughter who passed away.

She had funny moles on her body, so they all got them tattooed on their hands. Awe, what a sweet gesture. Don't you think? I absolutely love this.

What's the best way to hide a scar you're not very fond of?

Well, in my opinion, it's by getting a tattoo. This person finally took the plunge and got their first arm tattoo. They wanted to cover up a scar on their upper arm.

People will tell you that it's not a good idea to get somebody's name tattooed on your body.

However, this lady got her husband's name and the date their paths crossed inked here. I bet this military wife is very proud of her hubby.

Here's another tattoo design a client created.

I think it's an absolutely beautiful idea. It's amazing what a talented tattoo artist can do when they get a person's drawing. I would be proud to display this marvelous piece on my body.

These best friends got the cutest matching tattoos I have seen in a while.

What a cool and unique concept for a tattoo, huh? I absolutely love how this design came out here. I would definitely consider get a matching tattoo with my bestie.

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.”

I don't know where this quote originates from, but isn't it so sweet? These sisters got matching tattoos to celebrate one of them turning 24. I bet that was one unforgettable birthday.

Wow, I can't get over how gorgeous this finished peacock tattoo looks here.

Apparently, this tattoo took over five hours to do, and it was done in just one sitting. I've got to admit, I'm quite impressed. A peacock symbolizes integrity, doing what you say, truth, honor, beauty, and strength.

This person got an awesome commemoration piece for their upcoming fifth year of medical school.

It also celebrates their love of medicine. It's a plague doctor holding the rod of Asclepius (the traditional medicine symbol). Isn't it such a fascinating tattoo idea or what?

This mother wanted to get a special piece to celebrate her love for her daughter.

She also asked the tattoo artist to incorporate some elements of Curacao, the birthplace of her daughter. I think this design accomplishes that just fine, no?

Speaking of children, would you get your child's drawing tattooed on your body?

It's exactly what this person did. I don't know if I would do it personally, but it's a sweet idea nonetheless. This tattoo resembles the drawing perfectly here.

This person came up with a rad concept for their tattoo.

And lo and behold, 18 months later, this is what they ended up with here. Wow, this is quite stunning. It actually took 30+ hours to complete. It's incredible.

This tattoo is a visual interpretation of a movie quote and based on Greek mythology.

Wow, I would never have thought of doing something like that. Can you guess the movie? I'll give you a hint: the inspiration came from the myth of Icarus. Give up? It's a reference to a quote from the movie Blow.

This person got a tattoo to represent the four elements.

But what makes this piece that much more special is the technique the tattoo artist used. They made the tattoo look like brush strokes. Isn't that so cool or what?

How do you celebrate the love of your life who happens to be a dog?

This is how. Aww, I think this super simple tattoo is such a great representation of this cute doggo. What do you think of this piece?

When you get your first tattoo, it should be something cool. Am I right?

Well, this person got their dad's guitar tattooed on their arm, and I think it's pretty rad indeed. I love all the detail on this piece too.

When you're a fan of anime, you might as well display it on your skin.

If you end up with something as vivid and feisty as this, it's all worth it. Wow, this piece looks like it's straight out of a comic book.

Sometimes the best way to deal with darkness is to do it creatively.

In the words of the person who got this, "The key to my brain is the key to hell," is how they explained this design. Wow, that's pretty profound.

If this isn't a great tribute to someone's dog, I don't know what is.

Not only is this a celebration of a favorite pet, but it also pays homage to MC Escher. MC Escher was a Dutch graphic artist who made mathematically inspired woodcuts, lithographs, and mezzotints.

I don't know about you, but I'm in love with this flamingo tattoo.

What's best about it is that there is no outline. It's supposed to look like a painting. Wow, the tattoo artist did a phenomenal job here indeed.

Here's a beautiful cover-up job.

This woman got a vase full of colorful flowers to cover up an iron stain on her skin. Iron stains are caused by red blood cells breaking down, which can lead to some discoloration. What a great way to turn this mark into something beautiful!

I hope these tattoo ideas inspired you today.

Unsplash | Lucas Lenzi

I've always wanted to get a tattoo of a vintage picture of my mom. Perhaps one day I will go for it. Have you ever gotten a tattoo that holds a special meaning to you?

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