14+ Moments That Prove One Person’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure

A lot of us have a tendency to throw too many things away and not see the potential that items that we perceive as trash can have!

Well, to give you some recycling ideas of wildly varying quality, here are 14+ moments that prove one person's trash is another's treasure!

"Someone decided this is how you should show off your plants...and dolls."

It looks like this poor child's doll is screaming endlessly into the void which is its own face. Lovely stuff.

Tools Of The Trade!

For most families, Mousetrap is just a useless, annoying board game that never works, but for a cat it is a way of life.

"Hiring trash pickup workers. Existential hangups a plus."

Wow, I think that I might finally have found my calling. Not as a trash collector though, I mean as the physical bags of trash that are chucked into the backs of the vans.

"The Stratocrapper."

This song is absolutely perfect for playing any of Nickleback's back catalogue on. This really captures their essence.

"I had to make my cat his own tampon toy so he stops stealing mine from the trash."

One very observant person also pointed out: "Blue, to better replicate the colour of period-liquid ! Just like in the ads ! So clever."

"No words except... Why?"

If you turn it on does engine oil and wiper fluid come flying out? I don't know why you would ever need that particular cocktail of fluids, but you never know!

Intriguing Design!

I bet that this thing can be really...exciting to ride when the wind really starts to pick up on the highway!

"Thank you Home Depot for pimping my ride!"

I love the idea of someone sat in the front seat of this looking around and thinking, "I look so bloody cool right now!" You do you my guy!

Using Trash As A Screen Protector...

This person elaborated: "Traveling with my mom. Saw her phone, and investigated. Informed her that she used the screen protector's throwaway film instead of the actual screen protector. She literally used trash as a screen protector."

Fulfilling The Prophecy!

I like to think that I would whip up some ingenious solution like this, but really I know that I'd just continue to use the cup in its broken form.

"Microwave Mailbox..."

I wonder if they plugged it in as well? It looks like it is. Nothing like a nice microwaved package first thing in the morning! What a weird sentence.

"Stolen kiddie pool notice."

As far as crimes go, stealing a little kid's paddling pool is really poor form. Straight to hell with you!

"Husband's bedside cup holder."

This poor man can clearly only dream of there being such thing as a table there. If only tables weren't illegal now, what a bummer!

"She may be trashy but at least she recycles."

"So, did you wash them before you made this?"

"No, why should I?"

"Jesus Sandra..."

"Appropriately where it belongs..."

You couldn't pay me enough to drink one of those — and that's not just because they've been in a toilet.

"Smoke Detector broken? Just use microwave popcorn!"

"Dave, for God's sake get out of there, what are you doing, the place is on fire?!"

*Muffled screams through a mouthful of popcorn...

"Why buy a $2 sunglass case when you could use literal garbage?"

Now I am all for recycling, but I draw the line at keeping things that I wear on my face in cases made out of trash from my bathroom bin.

"1977 McDonald's Christmas trash found in the wall of our house."

You should see if there are any leftovers or McNuggets left, they'll probably still be okay to eat.

"Anybody up for some fun in the sun in these bad boys?"

The fact that someone even went to the trouble of making these for the purpose of a joke is incredible. I cannot imagine it is comfortable though.

"My buddy's backyard urinal."

"Hey, I helped myself to some water from the fountain outside, hope you don't mind."

"There...there isn't a water fountain outside?"

"Oh...dear God no."