16+ People Who Noticed Things We Never Would’ve Noticed

There are countless little details that are hiding around this planet and just waiting to be uncovered, some manmade and some all natural baby!

From squirrels with a cute but unsettlingly high number of ears to walls with appendages that they definitely shouldn't have, here are 16+ people who notices things we never would've noticed.

"My father-in-law bird watching in Central Park."

Big Bird is looking like they've been through a bit of a tough time of late, they look like a battered tennis ball here.


What do you think that this would taste like? I'm thinking that it would be kind of like really weak bubblegum flavor?

"Perfect snowflake I got on my sleeve this morning."

Most people would look at this and be in awe of nature, but I would look at this and think, "The traffic is going to be unbearable today."

"My cat has a genetic mutation that makes her eyes weird, her sight is perfect."

Wow, those eyes look like marbles that someone has dropped and cracked. Amazing that her sight is fine!

"Locals in Puerto Rico painted this mural. They made sure to include the dog that chills there often."

Now the painting looks like his shadow. I wonder if he recognises the little figure on the wall and is weirded out by why another dog is lurking in his favorite spot all the time?

"Off-center pupil I've had since birth."

It doesn't seem that this has effected his eyesight either, as they added, "I do have short-sightedness but that's from having a stigmatism and generally quite bad eyesight without glasses. This is just a sort of birthmark apparently."

"Was at my girlfriend's house when I finally noticed her coffee machine."

They have managed to turn what looks like one of the fanciest coffee makers I have ever seen into nothing but a monument to juvenile humor, amazing.

"About two pieces in we noticed a pattern on our pizza."

Looks like that pesky pizzeria has turned this salami into a different type of sausage, how devious.

"Our dog watches the door when we go to the outhouse."

I wonder how long they had been using this outhouse before they realised that he was doing this. I guess it's quite sweet, but if a person was lurking outside the toilet each time you used it then that would be much creepier.

"A snow imprint of a bird catching a mouse."

The little splatter of blood looks kind of like a sad face...which is probably an unsettlingly accurate reflection of the poor mouse's face now that I think about it.

"Flock of sparrows portaying a horse while horses gallop in the background."

This looks like a still from a HBO drama, but it was actually taken in the Netherlands, where presumably the sparrows are incredible artists!

Very Subtle Tattoo!

Now, I love Pokemon as much as the next person, but this is a step too far into madness that I could never take.

"A tortoiseshell cat with an extraordinary orange pattern on its paws."

It is like this cat has eaten a ginger cat and is slowly assimilating the other cat's characteristics. Yep, that's definitely what is happening here, no need for any further analysis.

"The way the snow melted on my walkway..."

This looks like something drawn for Ed, Edd, n Eddy. I wonder if that reference still gets any traction.

The Perfect Camouflage!

This is one hell of a cruel double fake out. The police out here are getting more and more wily by the day!


But...why? I have seen some ridiculously unnecessary things on the internet in my time, but this has got to be in the top five.

"This wall with a nose..."

I've heard of the saying that the walls have ears, but never that the walls have noses. Something smells here...and it's probably the wall.

"I filled the door to my office with a life-sized print of myself working at my desk. Nobody noticed when I left early."

They probably did notice, but they just weren't talking to you as they were so angry that you used all of the ink in the printer on this gag.

"Cat found the best spot in the park to rest..."

This cat has managed to find a person to sit on who will never get up and disturb its rest, perfection. I wonder if it even cares that this person isn't real?

"This 4-Eared Squirrel That Lives In My Backyard!"

I heard that this squirrel is a really great listener, you could say that he's all ears.

Urgh, sorry.