16+ Times People Decided The Rules Didn’t Apply To Them

Most of us go through our lives obeying by the rules and generally not trying to cause a fuss, it's just easier a lot of the time. However, there are also a lot of renegades out there who like to go against the system...even in the most menial of ways.

From celebrities thinking that they can just do whatever they want to people crafting the most illegal and dangerous BBQ of all time, here are 15+ times people decided the rules didn't apply to them!

Damn, What A Waste!

Although, it does look like this pizza had pineapple on it, so cat fur and litter remnants probably can't make it much worse.

"That one friend who blatantly disregards the rules of shotgun."

I've got a lot of respect for that little dog for standing, or sitting, its ground and taking its rightful place!

"Strawberry picking. You will notice that one of my kids follows the rules, the other, is just like his father."

I can hear that kid's screams of triumph over nature through this picture. He may not have many strawberries, but he's ripped out two clumps of grass, so that's something!

Clearly It Isn't...

Oh, what, so just because he is Arnold Schwarzenegger he can do whatever he wants? Actually, that sounds pretty much right.

"Sarah (dog) stole a bite of Stella's food and Stella came running to me in the kitchen to literally bitch about it."

I do not know why, but the idea of a cat being called Stella just makes me laugh uncontrollably. I also love how the dog is stood behind her as though waiting to make their own case.

"Doesn't Exactly Seem Safe..."

I can just imagine someone walking beneath this and getting slapped on the head with a sizzling hot burger, only for this guy to chuck them down a bun and some sauce to have with it.

"A true rebel..."

Jesus, how is this tortoise so good at climbing? It must have taken him hours to get this far, only to be lifted off and placed back on the floor. The tortoise equivalent of Sisyphus.

"Rules are rules."

In fairness, in my experience of working in shops, I found that dogs were much better behaved on average than children.

"Some people just need a hint."

Anyone who has ever worked in a customer facing role will be able to appreciate that this sign is meant genuinely as well, not just as a joke. It is amazing what some people think they can get away with.

"He knows he's not allowed on the counter, but I never said anything about the lunchbox."

He may as well be saying, "Go ahead, punish me, but deep down you know that I haven't technically done a thing wrong. I have already won."

"My girlfriend's childhood family picture. She was really excited about being a rat in The Nutcracker."

I love the idea of this picture hanging in amongst a series of other normal pictures. I would just tell people that we had no idea who that was and that this rat creature had just appeared in one of the pictures overnight, really creep people out.

"What is a wirery kid?"

This is definitely in no way associated with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise, this is clearly completely different!

"To the thief that stole an Amazon shipment:"

I bet that the person who stole this thought that they were going to get something more interesting than 30 rolls of toilet paper.

"Poor families not allowed!"

Well, I know that this is really how the world works but they don't need to be so blatant about their discrimination, jeez!

Just 'Cause!

Well, we don't need any more of an explanation than that. Someone quite accurately pointed out that it sounds like Perd Hapley wrote this sign.

Beep Beep!

I love how this guy looks far too old to be doing this kind of thing. I wonder if he makes the sound effects as he drives around as well.

"Just casually eating corn on the cob in a lecture."

What you can't see is that she actually has a full BBQ going on the desk in front of her. This was like her fourth corn on the cob, outrageous!

"This guy is a rebel."

That is the smuggest face that I have ever seen anyone pull. It is outrageously smug for such a menial crime and yet you can't knock his rebellious spirit.

"My cat stole my neighbor's lunch off of his front step and brought it back to me as if it were wild game."

You've got another thing coming though if you think that a cat is going to share the spoils with you.

"Hello Traffic Warden, I want to play a game..."

If anything is guaranteed to get you a ticket, then it is this. Nobody messes with a traffic warden, those soulless, dead-eyed creatures.