People Are Spoiling Their Pups With DIYs For The 'I Did It For My Dog' Challenge

Pet owners are an interesting bunch, to say the least. I count myself among them, and I have always treated my dog like a member of the family.

So I'm pleasantly surprised to find out about the #IDidItForMyDogChallenge taking over Facebook. It sounds right up my alley. I'm going to share with you some of the cool things folks did for their beloved pups below.

So what is this challenge all about, huh?

Unsplash | Marliese Streefland

Well, it's pretty simple. People post pictures of some amazing pet project they have done for their favorite pooches. They range from doggy beds, unique doggy spaces, and even special meals to name a few.

Does that sound fun or what?

Okay, let me dive right in and show you some. Take this project, for example. This dog's owner made his pup a custom kennel for when the owner is away at work. Now the dog can be outdoors instead of staying inside all day. Wow!

These doggy parents lost their dog to cancer two years ago.

They promised him that they would adopt another puppy from a shelter. So when their new dog turned one, they threw her the best birthday celebration. Awe, I bet their first dog is watching over her now.

This lady's dog loves laying out in the sun.

So she made him the best and comfiest tanning bed under the sun. Judging by these pictures, I say this bed is definitely doggy approved, hee, hee. He's one lucky pup. Am I right?

These two lucky rescued doggies got the best surprise from their owners.

They build them the sweetest little hangout right under their stairs. Not only that, but it also comes with access to the backyard. What do you think of that?

Oh my goodness, what have we got here?

Is this not the cutest dog house you've ever seen? Apparently, it was hand-painted, too. It also costs more than this doggy owner wants to admit. This lucky pooch is living in luxury, no?

Didn't I tell you pet owners are a little bit crazy?

Well, these folks actually got rid of their backyard pool so they could build, not one, but two activity centers for their dogs. Wow, that's quite the sacrifice here, huh?

This awesome couple changed their car to a 4Runner because of its rear window that rolls down.

They took out the back seat to make more room for their two golden retrievers, so they can ride in comfort on road trips. I'm really impressed, ha, ha!

This dog loves to stick her head out from the porch.

"My parents' dog, Fiona, likes to stick her head in between the rungs of the porch, so naturally when they redid the porch, they had the contractor add a special little touch for her!" said Facebook user Katie Akins.

Oh my, I'm truly stunned by the sheer creativity of these dog owners.

Not only do they shower their pets with lots of love, but they know how to show it. Doesn't this make you want to treat your pet to something special too?