Mimosa 'Cocktail Bombs' Are Here To Take Brunch To The Next Level

Novelty bombs are the unexpected trend of 2021. From the absolute delight of a bath bomb in your tub, to the delicious fun of a chocolate bomb in your hot drink, bombs are the item for some bubbly fun.

Now, bombs have moved into the cocktail arena. Yup, we're talking boozy bombs, y'all.

Naturally, this genius idea came from TikTok.

It's the place to be to see all the newest, coolest things, tbh. Created by @cocktailbombshop, cocktail bombs are exactly what they sound like: fizzy, delightfully flavored fun for your drinks.

You drop it in...

And wait for the magic to happen! The bombs dissolve pretty quickly, bubbling up and then turning your drink a delightful color. Simply stir it up and drink away!

They even have a glitter option!

Nothing says bougie like a drink with swirly glitter in it. This glitter bomb was actually a commenter's idea, and @cocktailbombshop got it made in a day!

They'll be available March 19th.

TikTok has totally blown up (no pun intended) @cocktailbombshop's videos, netting them over 60,000+ followers before the March 19th launch. Sign up on their site to be notified when the bombs drop! (Pun intended.)