There's Now 15 Kids Between All The Hanson Brothers

Anyone who can manage a big family is seriously impressive, at least in my books. I find it hard enough to deal with a small family and all of the quirks, responsibilities, and chores that come with it, let alone a family that has all of that for upwards of five children.

The Hanson family has no such qualms.

I shouldn't have to remind you who Hanson is.

Just in case you have selective amnesia but only as it relates to late '90s boy bands, Hanson was a band made up of a trio of brothers, Zac, Taylor, and Isaac Hanson. Their biggest hit was MMMBop, and I apologize for immediately getting that stuck in your head.

However, all the Hanson boys are all grown up now, and they have families of their own.

While that news isn't so shocking on its own (as much as I try to fight it, the passage of time continues onwards), what is surprising is that they all seem to have pretty large families!

Who knows, maybe they're trying to start the next Partridge Family?

Isaac Hanson has three children with his wife Nicole — Nina, 6, James, 12, and Clarke, 13.

Zac Hanson and his wife Kate have just welcomed their fifth child, Quincy, on March 7th. They also share John, 12, Junia, 10, George, 7, and Mary, 4.

If that seems like a long list to you, you are not alone. But Taylor Hanson is not one to be shown up!

Taylor and his wife Natalie have 7 children together!

The couple share Maybellene, born in December of last year, Jordan, 18, Penelope, 15, River, 14, Viggo, 12, Willa, 8, and Claude, 2.

They have enough for a full band and THEN some!

All the Hanson cousins are all close, which is so nice to hear!

“We spend a lot of time together touring, in the studio and around each other, so our kids know each other really, really well,” Zac has said about all their kids. “They’re really, really close.”

While I wouldn't want to be dealing with Thanksgiving dinner at their house, even I have to admit, it sounds pretty nice!