14+ Problems That Definitely Started A Fight

What would we do without the people we live with? Honestly, judging by these pics, maybe we'd all be a lot happier if we lived elsewhere.

We might love our partners, but that doesn't mean their habits can't be infuriating.

"How my boyfriend put the toilet paper back on the holder."

Reddit | finetoafault

I kind of get this — he jammed the roll on and figured it was aligned. But still, you've gotta make that extra effort.

"My wife had first servings."

Reddit | dchampx

I think people who cut into dishes like this know exactly what they're doing. I also think they just want to watch the world burn.

"The way my husband loads dishes in the dishwasher."

Reddit | TeeKappukeki

Sometimes I want a dishwasher. Then again, sometimes I'm glad I don't have a dishwasher because I have no idea how to load one.

"My girlfriend took a bite of my chocolate bar."

Reddit | tainguyen1452

To be fair, she just took a small bite. Also, this photo was taken at Christmas, the time of giving.

"My boyfriend's mom cut open the bottom of this bag of rice when it has a reseal on the other side."

Reddit | FredasaurusRex

So many plastic bags these days are resealable and so many careless people seem to forget about this fact.

"The way my wife keeps the cracked egg shells instead of throwing them out, and yes they go back in the fridge like this."

Reddit | v4riable

I just can't get my head around this one. Like, eggshells are the definition of compost or garbage. They don't belong back in the fridge.

"How my husband eats string cheese."

Reddit | asdfhillary

The whole point of string cheese is, y'know, the string factor. I guess this is how you eat it if you're in a hurry.

"I had to move my bookshelf, and my husband put all the books back for me."

Reddit | ilikeurteeth

This is the definition of malicious compliance. It's a bookshelf so he put a bunch of books on the shelves.

"My girlfriend’s lack of care for her tooth paste tube cleanliness."

Reddit | techtom10

I know the toothpaste tube has a way of getting away from us when stuff starts accumulating. But still, you need to at least try.

"My family always just puts the next roll on top of the empty one."

Reddit | RedPanda1834

Putting an extra TP roll within reach is helpful. Putting an extra TP roll on top of a spent roll is just kind of a jerk move.

"The way my husband left the milk."

Reddit | The-Sink-Panther

We've all lost lids before but this lid isn't lost. It's right there and this hubby still didn't take the time to put it back.

"The way my girlfriend put cheese on our nachos."

Reddit | ZaylinSSc24

I want to ask if this person's girlfriend is an alien because this is how I'd imagine an alien would interpret nachos.

"My husband doesn't want the case to get scratched and cause an eyesore."

Reddit | flyawaysweetbird

There's nothing more satisfying than peeling that plastic stuff off. There's also nothing uglier than leaving it on for any length of time.

"How my boyfriend uses cheese."

Reddit | mood_alchemy

It must be a huge hassle to open this package all the way. That's the only defense I can think of for this monster.

"Husband lost Tabasco cap and used this as a replacement."

Reddit | Namakemochi

Of all the things to replace a lid, I can't believe this guy landed on a freakin' q-tip.

"The way my girlfriend opens cereal boxes."

Reddit | GrognakBarbar

This person's girlfriend opens boxes the same way I'd imagine a grizzly bear would open boxes.

"Infuriating how my husband cuts into a round pizza."

Reddit | c32978

I know it's rough not having a pizza cutter, but I think a better job could be done. Also, maybe take the 'za out of the oven a bit sooner.

"Where my girlfriend left her cup of water."

It's a laptop, not a coaster. And when that huge cup of water inevitably tips over, it might not be a functional laptop anymore.

"My girlfriend's complete inability to finish a drink."

Reddit | JabberVapor

It's important to drink lots of fluids. It's less important to finish a container but it's still a reasonable expectation.

"Forgot to tell the wife I uncrossed the plugs...guess who doesn’t have a ready dinner now."

Reddit | jabroma

This won't cause a mess or a disaster, but it's still a big screw-up. It's not like those crockpot meals come together quickly.

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