Fans Think Kelly Ripa Looks 'Identical' To Her Mom In Adorable Throwback Post

Looking like your parents can be a total mixed bag. If your parents are beautiful (which mine totally are, by the way, if they're reading this) then it's definitely a compliment to be told you look just like them, but that's not always the case!

Fortunately for Kelly Ripa, she's got nothing to worry about when it comes to looking like her mom!

Kelly Ripa is obviously gorgeous.

We've had a lot of chances to admire her beauty, both inside and out, from her time on TV shows like All My Children, Hope And Faith, and Live With Kelly And Ryan to her joyful presence on social media!

Kelly recently shared a throwback picture of her mom that had fans seeing double!

"Mom 1980. Me 2005," Kelly captioned the side-by-side picture. If you're thinking they look like twins, you are definitely not the only one!

"Whoa! Identical! And gorge!!" one fan wrote.

"Absolute mirror images! You two are so beautiful!" another added.

Some people couldn't believe it wasn't just an older picture of Kelly herself!

"What??!! I thought the first pic was a old picture of you. Wow! Both beautiful ladies," one comment read.

Both Kelly and her mom are beautiful, and it's so cool to see them side-by-side at similar ages and realize just how much they really do look alike!