Emilia Clarke Opens Up About Being Told She 'Needed Fillers' At Age 28

There's nothing quite as insulting as getting unsolicited advice on your appearance — whether it's being told your haircut doesn't suit you, that you should smile more, or that you should try some new makeup style or another, it always feels a bit patronizing and insulting to have someone think they have the right to instruct you on your appearance.

Apparently, this even happens to beautiful actresses!

Even someone as gorgeous as Emilia Clarke isn't immune from unnecessary beauty advice.

Emilia, best known for her work as Daenarys Targaryen on the smash hit Game Of Thrones, is obviously one of the most beautiful actresses, like, ever, so it's crazy to think about someone trying to give her unsolicited beauty advice — especially if that advice happens to include cosmetic enhancements or plastic surgery.

Emilia opened up about an experience where she was told she needed to get filler done in her face in a new interview.

"I once had a facialist who told me I needed fillers and I showed her the door. I was literally just like, 'get out'. Her exact words were, 'Then, you can have your face back.' At that point I was 28," Emilia revealed.

"You've got this idea of ageing, and then you've got the idea of what ageing makes you look like," Emilia went on.

"At 34, I am wiser, more intelligent, I've had more experiences, I've done all this stuff and I'm proud of that. You can only do that because you are the age you are," Emilia added.

"Time is the only thing allows you to do those things."

"So, if my face is gonna reflect the time that I've spent on this earth, I'm down for that," Emilia shared. "My mother has never had any work done and I think she's incredibly beautiful. I look to women and actors who are older than me who are[expletive] beautiful and I think what your skin does as you age is elegant."

We couldn't agree more!

h/t: ELLE UK